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The Broken Eye (2014)

The Broken Eye (2014)

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About book The Broken Eye (2014)

The first half was engaging, exciting, interesting etc. Then it appears the author completely lost his focus. He went on long unrelated tangents with characters musing on random thoughts that had nothing to do with the current plot point - usually an action sequence. These tangents went on so long and were so boring and unrelated I almost quit. The two escape sequences towards the end were exciting - that's what got me through. Although the overall ending was sort of ridiculous. Instead of Gavin the Prism or The Broken Eye this book should be titled Gavin the Imprisoned. Initially frustrating in perceived length and middle-bookness, you then find yourself far deeper in the character development than you expected. I took a short two hour break about midway by reading a short excerpt from a book next on my list. I then went back to the Broken Eye and realize the great depth and breath of a novel I was experiencing. It takes talent to create characters that you can visualize and--in a novel, fantasy way--understand and relate to. The degree which Weeks does this is amazing, which surely portends the success of the final book!

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Brent Weeks is one of my favorite authors.

Holy crap.....when is book 4 coming out?


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