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The Black Prism (2010)

The Black Prism (2010)

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0316075558 (ISBN13: 9780316075558)

About book The Black Prism (2010)

I don't quite know what to think about this book, because while it was GOOD, I never really fell for it. I liked how the main character is chubby, I liked how the author portrays women and particularly Karris (particularly how she's changed from an insecure young girl to a strong woman), I liked how none of the "good guys" are really good (nor are the bad ones completely bad, nor is it always clear which side is the good/bad), and I liked that he's invented a new system of magic (though I'm not completely won over). On the other hand, I really dislike one of the subplots - it's well done, I just don't like that type of plot whatsoever, and I didn't find it completely convincing - and I don't think he really writes the main character all that well. He is the chubby, clumsy, awkward boy who has a surprising talent for magic, a troubled childhood and whose brain-to-mouth filter doesn't always work, but that's... all he is. And apart from the chubbiness this type of character feels overused to the point of being a cliché - adding an unconventional trait to him doesn't really change that. It could have been awesome, and it did have a lot of awesome things in it. Unfortunately it didn't convince me that it was. Here is the short and simple: You should read this book. I have recommended it to many other people, and they have highly enjoyed it as well.While wandering my local library, I stumbled upon this book. I decided I might as well give it a try. After all, I enjoy Brent Week's writing style. Little did I know I would be hooked. Within the first few pages, I was fully absorbed in the world. I had trouble stopping to do normal things, such as make dinner, do homework, or go to class. It will literally suck you in, hold you in its welcome embrace, and leave you wanting more when it is done.I love how every chapter is narrated by a different character, giving you a full view of the world. It also works perfectly to delay dramatic events. If there is something big about to happen, you know the chapter will end soon, just like a good TV show. "Tune in next time for the continued adventures of Kip!" is what I always imagine at the end of the chapter. But that is another device that keeps you reading.Basically, when I finished the book, I ran back to the library, only to find they didn't have the next book! Never fear, I did find it.

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DH wanted me to read this sooooo much. And it was indeed very good. On the second book now...

Surprisingly engaging. Look forward to finishing the series.

Amazing book, great characters, creative magic system

Best ever!

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