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The Maid Of Fairbourne Hall (2012)

The Maid of Fairbourne Hall (2012)

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0764207091 (ISBN13: 9780764207099)
Bethany House Publishers

About book The Maid Of Fairbourne Hall (2012)

regency era book in the style of Jane Austen but with sturdier, feistier everyday heroine. This girl manages to pass herself off as a maid, ha ha, and accidentally winds up in the country home of a remote acquaintance. She manages to do her work, ahem, and lasts long enough to evade the intrigue and even murderous attempts by others. She ends up coming into her inheritance and she gets her man! Yay! Fun-Clean Read. I probably got more out of this book because I'm up to date on my Downton Abby. I liked the story line. Sometimes stories in this era erk me because women weren't allowed to talk so there was always a lot of misunderstanding. This is a story of a younglady who goes into hiding as a house maid to avoid marriage to a nephew of her stepfather only after her inheritance.The end seemed rushed, but it all came together nicely.

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Why have I never heard of this author before? Good book. Light, clean and fun.

I've been on a Julie Klassen reading binge and it has been so enjoyable !!

A very pleasant read. Cute story and good writing.

Just couldn't get into the story. Not sure why.

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