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The Lion & The Mouse (2009)

The Lion & the Mouse (2009)

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0316071226 (ISBN13: 9780316071222)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

About book The Lion & The Mouse (2009)

The Lion and the Mouse is a classic story about the relationship between a mouse and lion. One day, the little mouse is running through a field and interrupts the lion’s nap. The lion is furious but decides to let the mouse go. One day, a group of poachers capture the lion in a rope bundle and will not set him free. The little mouse hears the lion roaring and instantly scurries to his rescue and chews through the rope and freed the lion. I think children should read this book because it exemplifies forgiveness and compassion. Often times, it is hard for kids to understand that it’s okay to forgive someone even when they don’t necessarily deserve it. With that said, the mouse still helped the lion even though he was undeserving of freedom. The mouse also did not expect anything in return which I think is valuable for kids to understand. Pinkney, J. (n.d.). The Lion & the Mouse. 2004. The Lion and the Mouse, illustrated by Jerry Pinkey, tells the story of the classic Aesop Fable without words. The book is about two unlikely friends, a lion and a mouse. A mouse accidently runs into a lion, but the lion decides to let him go without hurting him. Later, hunters trap the lion and who comes to rescue him? His new friend. This story is a reminder that friendship can be built with unlikely people. It also demonstrates that how you treat others is how you will be treated in return. These two lessons are critical for children to learn and the book makes learning them fun. The pictures in this book are beautifully done. Pinkey is able to capture the feelings and thoughts of the animals in his drawings.

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Flat out gorgeous. If Pinkney illustrated the phonebook I'd gaze lovingly at it for hours.

For a book with no words this is the best picture book I have ever looked at!

Great wordless picture book

2010 Caldecott Medal

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