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The Lion And The Mouse (2009)

The Lion and the Mouse (2009)

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0316013560 (ISBN13: 9780316013567)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

About book The Lion And The Mouse (2009)

The Lion & The Mouse was a fable which is different that many of the other books that I read. It was a debate between a mouse and a lion and they ended up becoming an unlikely pair. You would think the lion was much more powerful but in the end the mouse actually saved the lion’s life. This shows you not to judge a book by its cover. Even if you are small you can be strong, and just because you are large doesn’t mean you are brave. This is an older level grade school book with a deep meaning.Pinkney, J., & Aesop, . (2009). The lion & the mouse. This story is filled with realistic animal colors and depictions which really bring to life the characters in their natural territory. Although this story has no words the story plot is made evident by the thickened picture detail which appears when the lion is caught in the poachers net. Upon his rescuing which is done by the mouse, the emotion featured on both the lion and the rodents face is priceless in telling the entire story on its own. In representation of such a unique relationship, it is evident that a bond is formed and held sacred to both characters. With both the scenery and the realistic character emotions working in harmony with one another the story needs no words for its viewer to be more than satisfied. I would use this in the classroom during a creative writing lesson where I would have the students draw a picture displaying an unlikely friendship, and then describing what makes it so unique. Pinkey, J. (2009). The Lion and the Mouse. Little Brown Books.

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There were very little words in this book but the pictures were lovely.

Just gorgeous illustrations in service of a great story.

Stunning illustrations

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