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The Last Echo (2012)

The Last Echo (2012)

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About book The Last Echo (2012)

OH Ms.Derting this was by far hands down the most creepy book in the series yet!!!! I LOVE how you draw us in from leaving off in book 2.The guy in this book is CREEPY & MIND BLOWING. I will never wear light purple finger nail polish EVER!!! I am so looking to read the lastbook in this series. I just Loved how Ms. Derting left us hanging :0 Thank You Ms. Derting for a great GREAT Book!!! Best killer thus far!! The Collector was the perfect killer and the only thing that kept me reading. I was disappointed with the direction of this book from the beginning. The flaky and indecisiveness of Violet got on my nerves. What I most loved about Violet was how strong she was and how very smart she seemed to be. I also loved her relationship with Jay. This book had nothing of what I feel in love with. Im terrified to read the next one because I fear it will be even worse. That ending just sucked. Really?? That really happened?

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Really enjoyable read and great continuation to the series!

By far, the best of the series.


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