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Ruf Der Verlorenen Seelen (2012)

Ruf der verlorenen Seelen (2012)

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About book Ruf Der Verlorenen Seelen (2012)

*kneels*Dear Gods-of-Young-Adult-Series, thank you for having parents who aren't incredible dickweeds when it comes to Violet and her secret. Who tell her that her secret is hers to share and do with as she pleases. That they never ever tried to force her to shut the fuck up about it and become a bottled up mess.....wait, didn't that end up happening already? Violet is still deathly afraid to tell people? .............fuck, now these characters don't make sense actually 2 1/2mehreally, independent main character who has to go off into danger without telling anyone a thing? i'm freaking on the extreme end of being independent (seriously, it might be a psychosis) and i would be telling people close to me what was happening and accepting their ideas and help.really, misunderstanding blown all out of proportion so that a temporary separation of the romantic pair can happen? there was never any threat that they wouldn't make their way back together.other than these cliches, i still liked the book and the series and have already begun the third one - it's heading exactly where you think it will be by the end of this book (hopefully that's not a sign).

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SO GOOD. I really loved this, it was both disturbing and fun.

Not as good as the first one.



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