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The Body Finder (2010)

The Body Finder (2010)

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0061779814 (ISBN13: 9780061779817)
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About book The Body Finder (2010)

This book is utterly cliche, awful, boring, and contains draining, stereotypical characters. Honestly the book has an interesting plot line. The boring and plain writing, and characters and plot ruined it all actually. A girl than can sense a dead person - come on thats cool. but not really when half the book is just about this-"omg im getting these random butterfly thingies in my stomach when i see jay. Jay when did you get so hot? you randomly got so hot this year! im jealous of all these hot bitches that are trying to get in. and why wouldnt you be interested in the hot girls! omg jay ur so cute i really like you. you probably dont like me, but i like you. omg why dont u realise, whyy! why are boys so stupid. why dont u see i like u. Jay ur pissing me off because you dont like me. omg you helped me from being sexually harrased from that dude u didnt like because you were jealous of him but im still going to be pissed at u because ur ordering me into a car when you gave me the silent treatment for a week! im not saying thank you. Jay i hate u now but i just wanna kiss u. omg jayyyyyy"...Thats like 70% of the book. No im serious. Every Single Chapter has to be taken over by Jay. And then 10% are these random chapter that pop up in the perspective of the serial killer thats murdering these young girls in her town. AND its the same thing said over AND OVER again.Another 10% is her talking about her ability and being scared of finding another girl and wanting to stop this killer before it hurts anyone else. as well as just going to school, parties blablah that boring stereotypical shit. The last 10% is actually putting her words to motion of wanting to look for this serial killer - because serial killers leave the same print behind as the person they killed, so she can look for it on them - and goes out after forcing jay to go with her by being a stubborn ass by saying she will do it with or without him and she cant stop him. That is literally the WHOLE novel. And worst of all I read the last chapter and its perfectly obvious resolution for it.. EXCEPT THERE IS 4 MORE BOOKS AFTER WTF! This did not live up to its promise at all. Every character is a cardboard cutout of a stereotype. There was not a single clever or beautiful sentence in the 300+ pages. The romance was disgusting. I didn't get to know Violet and Jay enough as best friends, Jay seemed like a domineering jerk, and then all they do is make out. There was so much sexism and general hateful stereotypes of teenagers. All around terrible. Two stars simply because at least the murder mystery part of it turned out to be somewhat interesting.

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you will fall in love with these addicting books and characters you cant help but love and root fo

I do enjoy a good friend to romance story. Plus the mystery was acceptable.

I just finished this book 2 days ago. Now on to #7

Now this is a book you want to pick up and read.

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