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The Infinite Sea (2014)

The Infinite Sea (2014)

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Putnam Juvenile

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sorry this wont be much of a review for nonreaders and more of a critique if you will.anyway the second installment was a very enjoyable read. I greatly enjoyed the backstories reveals and the emence crusing. I mist admit I giggled at all the f^bombs. My only qualm though was there wasn't nearly enough Ben Parish moments, don't get me wrong the moments that were there were awesome but not nearly enough. The Infinite Sea, the second book of The 5th Wave trilogy, is definitely just as action packed and almost as enthralling as the first novel. I anticipate these becoming very very popular, possibly even to Huger Games status, because they appeal to both genders and young adult to adult. The trilogy is labeled young adult, but don't let that fool you because the graphic violence and language is often of an adult nature.All that being said, even though I enjoyed The Infinite Sea, I didn't find myself totally immersed as I did in the first novel. The reason is that the MCs change throughout the series and supporting characters become narrators. This is a trend in YA trilogies lately that really annoys me. Thank goodness that Cassie was still a narrator, but Ben's pov was replaced by Ringer's. Other than that I don't have too much to complain about. I did like the second book and can't wait to find out what happens next.

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I want more of this!!!!!
—poop head

Disliked this book more as compared to the first one. Won't be continuing the series.

Hmm... That was confusing.

NUGGET!!! 4.5 stars.

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