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La Quinta Ola (2013)

La quinta ola (2013)

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8427204221 (ISBN13: 9788427204225)

About book La Quinta Ola (2013)

My sister said this had more depth than the Hunger Games. I believe it is about equal and am looking forward to the 2nd book. I would have gotten it today but I didn't have the correct library card. I cannot believe how diabolical the enemy turns out to be; having the kids kill the remaining humans! What a ending to the human race. How will it end? I personally liked Evan, but how did he change so quickly. He'd just killed 3 people on the road and then fell in love with the main character after shooting her in the leg? What's with that?I've always liked this author, but I loved The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp. I loved his humor in that book. It shows up occasionally in this book, but not so funny. First of all, this book is terrifying. I tend to not read science fiction, especially about aliens, because it's so riddled with cliches, but this book was a refreshing read on alien take-over. It really, really scared me. The world was very realistic, the subject dark, the characters heart-felt. I found myself wishing this would never happen. The aliens are real bad guys, and I'd never want to actually meet the same challenges as these characters do. That being said, I thought sometimes the writing style suffered. I liked the idea of split perspectives, but I don't know why some of the jumps happened or why certain characters talked. Sometimes, it seemed a bit random. As well, the ending didn't really make sense to me. It was quite confusing and it didn't really have a good resolution like I wanted. I also hated how the characters ended up, but that's just personal preference there.

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Distopía interesante, pero no para echar cohetes... :-/Puntuación: 3,5/5

Este libro es genial, me dejo colgada al final.Ya quiero leer el segundo.

WOW. THIS NOVEL BLEW MY MIND. [review will come tomorrow]

Eh. The Host already did this for me.

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