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The Goddess Legacy (2012)

The Goddess Legacy (2012)

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About book The Goddess Legacy (2012)

Okay, just to clarify I do like this series a lot and these books. There just has been something about each book that keeps me from giving them a higher rating but I would have wholeheartedly given each one at least a three star had it not been for that. I would say that these books are for a bit more of a mature audience while being vague enough on some things as to not be entirely inappropriate for teens. Goddess Legacy is a collection of five short stories, all about various gods and goddess in the world of Goddess Test.The first story, The Goddess Queen, tells the story of Calliope/Hera from her own viewpoint. For reasons I can't explain without spoilers, Calliope was not one of my favorite characters throughout the rest of the book. But this short story gives you an entirely new understanding of her, explaining a great deal about why she is the way she is. I actually began to feel for her, even if she is a bit of a vindictive drama queen!Individual Rating: 4 mugsThe second story is The Lovestruck Goddess, which tells the story of Aphrodite/Ava. This was one of my favorite stories in the anthology, in no small part because I have loved her character. It is a love story, a love triangle, and a story of pain... all in one. This story, too, allows us to see her in a more 3D way away from Kate and Henry.Individual Rating: 5 mugsThe third story, Goddess of the Underworld, tells Persephone's story. In this series, she has been portrayed as a bit of a villain, but we get to see in her in a new light in this story. We learn a lot more about why she acted as she did towards Henry, her love for another. I understand the angst behind that, but I felt like that supposed love fell completely flat. I feel for Henry, but I feel as if his character was a bit oblivious to it all.Individual Rating: 3.5 mugsGod of Thieves is the fourth story and the story of Hermes/James, one of my favorite characters. I loved the story between Tuck and James and it ended with all the tragedy of a good Greek myth. It also solidified my love for James!Individual Rating: 5 mugsThe final story is God of Darkness, the story of Hades/Henry. This story really helped us understand Henry a bit better. It is the story of his decision to fade and the deal that begins the Goddess Tests. Henry's broodiness often irritates me, but after this, I understand him much better.Individual Rating: 4 mugsMy Recommendation: This is a great tie-in to the series. It doesn't add much to the ongoing story, as The Goddess Hunt did, but it does flesh out some of our favorite characters.

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I like how Carter gave a new twist to the background stories of the gods.

Tres estrellitas para Hera y Persefone, el resto ni una merecen

This gave so much clarity to the rest of the books!

An interesting addition to the series.


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