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The Goddess Inheritance (2013)

The Goddess Inheritance (2013)

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0373210671 (ISBN13: 9780373210671)
Harlequin Teen

About book The Goddess Inheritance (2013)

So I have read this book. I loved it!! Aimee did a fantastic job on this book but I wished she continued. I loved the symbolism in this volume. Kate shown courageous behavior. she showed maturity and maternal instinct for her child and Henry. I almost cried out for Ava and you all will see why when you guys read this book. I love how james encourages kate like a true friend he is. even he has feelings for her; he made himself a borderline and not cross it even when it is clear he cannot compose himself but he did so kudos to him. there are things in this book that will make you want to turn the page so you want to know more which is what a true author is about. kudos to your true writing skills aimee carter! you captured the true essence of life lessons and tribulations within the bindings of these books. (Warning There Will Be Spoilers In This Review)Kate Must Choose1. Love or Life!2. Henry or There Child!3. The End Of Her Family or The End Of The World!Eeeekkkk I just don't know what too say I literally just finished The Goddess Inheritance on Saturday and I am still thinking about it! Yea this trilogy was just freken awesome for me. I had to read the last book The Goddess Inheritance next because that ending in Goddess Interrupted had me going nuts. I had to pick it up and read it the next day and Ohh boy I couldn't put it down. I almost finished reading this book in one setting. I don't want to go into too much detail about the goddess inheritance. But I was so flipping mad at Ava for helping Calliope capture Kate at the end of goddess interrupted but not only was Kate capture but she found out she was pregnant thanks for the help of Calliope. Now Kate understood the cryptic warning that Calliope gave to her. So now in The Goddess Inheritance Kate has been kept in captivity during her nine months pregnancy by not only she was held captive by Calliope but she was also held captive by Cronus as well who wants Kate to be his queen. Kate tried everything too escape her captives but she was trap. Not only the queen of the Greek God's wants Kate dead but she also wants her unborn child as well. But Cronus offers Kate a deal in exchange for her loyalty and devotion to him the king of the titans he will spare humanity and let Kate keep her child. But if Kate agrees he will still destroy Henry, her mother and the rest of the council. And here is where I am going to leave it off at. You have to read The Goddess Inheritance to see what Kate chooses and what she goes through with her choices she make, but I will tell you this Kate makes the most toughest decision in her life and she goes through hell making them! I really loved and enjoyed The Goddess Inheritance that I was going to rate it a five stars, but that scene at the end of the battle just tore my heart apart! Ugh it just broke me. All and all this was an Amazing trilogy I have read and I am sad too see it end. Well until next time my friends!

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I'm so sad this was the last book! I hope she writes another one in the future.

The better book out of all the other books. I loved it.

Not as interesting as the first two.

Just... Perfect.


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