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The Goddess Hunt (2012)

The Goddess Hunt (2012)

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1426834152 (ISBN13: 9781426834158)
Harlequin Teen

About book The Goddess Hunt (2012)

"The Goddess Hunt" is one of those in-between-novels short stories. It covers a day or two of Kate and James' summer-long vacation in Greece and is mildly interesting. It introduces two more god-like characters, and demonstrates Kate's fierce humanity. It's also boring. (Unless you get totally intense reading about running.) The Goddess series is the Twilight of Greek mythos. Keep the irresistibly unremarkable female protagonist, and replace the vampires and werewolves with Greek gods. This book is not like a car crash; it's more like a fender bender (and yet still I read.) I don't particularly care about any of the characters, but I do like the familiarity of the Greek gods I read about as a girl reincarnated into a contemporary (and fantasy) book. And guiltily I know that the next time I'm in a pinch for something to read, I will probably download the next Goddess book from the library. The Goddess Test was very good. It's just a side book that tells of an interesting thing that happened just on her few days off. I'll start with what I loved the most about this book. The thing that was the best was Kate telling a certain someone off without no regret. That girl either has a death wish, or just a lot of guts. I believe it's both. I really do think Kate will be the one to show the Gods that some of their ways need to be changed. A fresh start for some of them. A thing I didn't like to much was how Henry kept getting upset knowing she was spending summer with James. Yes, I can understand a little jealousy, but he should know that she will stay fateful to him. Hopefully the second book is as good, or better, then the first to books.

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Read I one sitting - easy to read and enough action to keep the pages turning. Enjoyable

uber good side story :)

Me mantuvo entretenida.

Chao.Me mori


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