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The Girl Of Fire And Thorns (2011)

The Girl of Fire and Thorns (2011)

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0062026488 (ISBN13: 9780062026484)

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Meh...slow to start, sort of a boring protagonist. No one seems able with a couple of exceptions, to really handle themselves or their situations. The main character is always in the dark, whiny, and sad. Eventually, she gets up the gumption to do something and it's actually very interesting but Carson sort of drops the ball on it a bit. You follow the main protagonist throughout the entire novel so there is no knowing what is going on between other characters who are introduced in the beginning or places; you have no idea if this brilliant plan is working because Carson doesn't deviate from her main character's POV or time-line. Everything is very linear to the main character only. The ending is cringe worthy because it seems so far fetched and abrupt...if Carson had set up this ending a bit better, (she does start to mention it) then it wouldn't seem like "yeah, right!" when it happens. Here's to hoping the next one is faster and stronger. This book surprised me with its pace. Recently, few books take their characters on such an extensive journey in the first book of a trilogy. Slow starting and a bit shallow, the characters get surprising depths and varied lives. I was blown away. And disgusted and touched and I cared, in a way that I haven't in a while about a YA character. So thank you for that jolt. Not without faults and need for improvement, it's a bit flat and emotionally stunted, but worth a second go.

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