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The Bitter Kingdom (2013)

The Bitter Kingdom (2013)

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0062026542 (ISBN13: 9780062026545)
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About book The Bitter Kingdom (2013)

3.5 starsIt feels good to finish out a series all in one go, something I haven't done in a while. As this book is a direct continuation of the previous book, I won't talk much about the plot due to spoilers. This book felt a bit more disjointed and scattered in it's plot than in previous books, with a lot of threads of story wrapped up fairly quickly and perhaps too neatly. However, Elisa really reaches her true heroic potential in this book, becoming a powerful rival both with and without the power of her godstone. She's clever and formidable. Though she's young, ruling a kingdom at seventeen, it's clear that she will likely grow into even a stronger ruler as she ages. The trilogy concluded in a satisfying manner and I enjoyed the journey. Felt like a reboot of the last book... A good story but this one doesn't hold together as well as the other two and I'm disappointed that after the big epiphany in the 2nd book, Elisa doesn't put any of her hard won knowledge and sense of self to use until the end. Overall an interesting premise and a fun read but wouldn't recommend it to others unless you love fantasy adventure enough to forgive the saccharine moments.

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This trilogy was really amazing! It's one of the first where I equally enjoyed all three books!

It was a very good book. I enjoyed every moment with it.

4.5 stars. Great conclusion to the trilogy.

Main character was annoying

Review to come....

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