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The Eternal Dawn (2010)

The Eternal Dawn (2010)

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1442413182 (ISBN13: 9781442413184)
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

About book The Eternal Dawn (2010)

I didn't know how to feel when I heard there were more last vampire books. The last vampire series was my favorite through my teens. I read them so many times I pretty much had them memorized. I finally stumbled across the new books at barnes and noble and had to see how it got continued.Basically it takes place fifteen years after the sixth book. The first six were written by seymour and were a psychic mind meld collaboration between him and sita. They never actually met and seymour thinks she is a figment of his imagination. The basic story lines still hold true in the new series. I found the premise plausible and interesting but ultimately the series should have stayed just the first six books. I think the new books may have been written by a ghost writer. The writing style isn't the same. It's less poetic. however, I haven't read a recent pike book since season of passage which I think came out in the late 90's.I will get the rest of the books when I find them so I can complete the collection because I'm a geek like that but it's not top priority. I was a little confused at how this book was even written, however it just worked for me. The explanation was a bit off, took a little long in the reveal, but overall I was okay with it. I guess I just like Sita so much that any lame way of bringing her character back to life was okay with me. This continues the series in basically the same way as before, with many of the same characters. Pike has changed a few of his rules that were never very clear in the former books, like vampires and children. Of course it was one case with a male vampire, a strange mysterious species mother , so the rule might not have been broken, just bent for that case. No matter what it was never mentioned that the male vampires were infertile in the first place, just that Sita was as a female vampire, and that it of course bothered her. Her female relative was a little annoying, but a couple of the other characters seem very promising for future books. I'm going to continue to read this series, and hope Pike creates a revival that will bring his books to a new generation.

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Still liking the series, not crazy about Terri though, I find her character a little annoying

4.5 stars really great.loved the series.can't wait to read the next!

it was an awesome book that surprised me in the end once again.



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