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Ölümün Gölgesi (2013)

Ölümün Gölgesi (2013)

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This book was a blur of Telar, IIC, the Array, the Cradle and the Lens, and demons and the devil himself! But I read most of it in one sitting, so at least it kept me interested. This book is a continuation of the previous, in which nothing got resolved. In this one, finally!! Things get taken care of! The good guys triumph and the bad guys lose!Or do they?There is leftover plot for the next book but at least there's a sense of conclusion from the main storylines. And I see the shadow of a love story brewing there too. So I read on... If you read my review for the first book this is almost the exact same word for word. I don't know how this whole series ever got published and it was only stubbornness on my part that got me this far. The whole series is beyond ridiculous that I had to see how it ends. Normally I would have been able to read all 4 books in a week. A year later I still can't get myself to finish the last book. I'm so glad I didn't spend any money on these. If I had my $ would have been better spent if I just ate it. The series started out ok to begin with but just spiraled into an abysmal mess as it went on. There is WAY too much going on in just 4 books. Vampires, time travel, aliens, inhabiting a descendent's body, mind powers, Jesus Christ (other similar representations from other religions too), and more. That alone should stop you right there. Not to mention everyone the main character loves and tries to save always dies. It's pathetic really. I'm insane for trying to read the whole thing. I'll probably want to burn the books if/when I ever finish reading the last one.Update: So I never actually finished this series. I just discovered a fifth book and I refuse. No more. It's just too much...way too freakin much. Please God let there be no more. This trash is ridiculous. It could have actually been something decent at one point but....I'm done.

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I honestly don't know what else to say except the fact thatI loved it!!!!

this is a great series. It really kept me wanting more .


great book

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