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Sarışın Vampir No. 3: Sonsuz Şafak (2000)

Sarışın Vampir No. 3: Sonsuz Şafak (2000)

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About book Sarışın Vampir No. 3: Sonsuz Şafak (2000)

This was to be 3 stars originally. But the last part of the book redeemed it!We left of with things starting to get weird.... people from another time or realm, space ships and a destiny to destroy an evil sorcerer from a past many hundreds of years ago that tricked Sita into giving him her blood... All to result in the end of Sita and the world was as if she never existed! But she were to live her life as a human, as if Yaksha & all that ensued never occurred & she lived a blissful life with Rama & Lalita in India, happy, in love & content.Things appeared to end with Book 6 'Creatures of Forever' - book 6. But knowing there is a 7th book in the series, I was of the thought - 'how will this continue!' - 'it cant!'. lolSo I'm thrown in the deep end, Sita is alive & well, still all powerful with the enhancement of Yaksha & Kalikas blood.We start of In the town of Truman Village, with the assumed new identity of Lara Adams. But still she hasn't learnt? She cant ever seem to stick to her cover name, tells people she 'thinks she can trust' her name is Alisa Perne. (When does this 5000yo vampire learn?!) The writen style has changed a bit. Not had crisp & precise with 'I' this and 'I' that, more relaxed & has I'm I'll etc & the whole direction & style is different.This book seemed to have a different writing style to all the previous books, a style & theme that didn't really sit right with me.(yeah I had initially struggled with the writing style of the series to start, but ended up enjoying it-not its changed!)But the story almost seemed to take on a more 'action/secret/conspiracy/government spies' type turn. I didn't really buy into it. But perceivedAnd more sci-fi craziness is thrown in for good measure!At one point I was struggling to hold on in this book, things were drifting way off course from the usual track of this series, butabout half way through, things changed & the writing style & everything about the book seemed far better! Old characters came back, maybe that was the issue? all these unknowns, IDK!...She starts off with killing a serial Rapist called Daniel Boford. He definitely deserved it!Then she goes about seeking out a very distant relative she has found, Teri Raine, the reason she even came to Truman at all.Then ensues all sorts of goings on & the story starts to veer off from previous styles.As with Sitas life, things go from bad to worse to even worse still!Hunted down by 2 agencyOh! And it wasn't explained exactly what happened to Sita, why she was still alive in this new book, but FINALLY at chapter 12, pages 200-210 do we get this explanation!SO this new found information spins everything on its head, whats real! whats made up! whats been dramatised! WTF! lolI'm confused on other fronts here also. so He was writing her entire story the whole time in the previous 6 books! The entire story had been a story she passed on to Seymore psychically, then she starts telling the story herself in book 7?Sidenote: previously when she gave someone some of her blood it helped them, cured them for good. But now she gives it to Teri only to have to last a short while. needing to give her more to help her win running races. hmmm.This book seemed to be give Sita/Alisa a more human vibe, like she had softened ridiculously, her wisdom & powers seemed to have diminished as the years had gone on - old age? IDK but this book had me annoyed, enthralled, pushed out, pulled in, argh! But I really enjoyed the book.I may edit this review later, it feels necessary!The ending of the book - another head spin!I WANT ANOTHER BOOK DAM IT CHRISTOPHER PIKE! No spoilers!When I first heard there were more books in this series, I was so confused. "But... but Book 6's ending!" (that would be Thirst No. 2). It was explained in a weird, offhand way that sort of made sense, but also felt like a desperate attempt to bring back the books no matter what plot holes may be dug along the way. But I didn't mind much. I loved the series in my teenage years and it was nice to read about Sita again. Especially some of the new characters and how they tie to Sita's past.But MAN! It took me forever to get to the third chapter. I put the book down at least twice. Then when I forced myself to go on I found it as enjoyable as any of the previous books. Even though at times there were so many mysteries going on that I simply stopped trying to guess and read on, thinking, it will be explained.I thought the story line was interesting. After you're hooked, you're hooked, man. I plowed through the end and immediately picked up the next! And that's enough about the book.

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Teri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did another person she loves have to die? Cried soooooo much

It was pretty good, but I have to say the other two were better! :)

great anyone who likes vampires should start this series.

yet another amazing end to an amzing series!!!!

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