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The Emperor's Code (2010)

The Emperor's Code (2010)

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0545060486 (ISBN13: 9780545060486)
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About book The Emperor's Code (2010)

In the book series the 39 clues it is one of few series that have joint authors in all the books. In the book the emperor code the author is written by gordman Korman. The 39 clues is about the Cahill family the Cahill family has been every body important since the 1400s. Now in the early 21st century two kids Amy and Dan Cahill have to solve the mystery of the 39 clues or else another one of their power hungry backstabbing relatives will get it first. In this book their are daring escapes, feats of genius and thievery examples of these are when Dan gets away from Jonah the wizard. When Amy solves the symbol of grace on a door on the Great Wall or when they have to steal a priceless artifact from the museum but this is just a normal day for the two of them. I finished the eighth book of the 39 Clues series and it became a fandom of mine due to THIS book.I ❤ the plotline although it kind of pissed meh off that some pages were missing.I still can't find the riddle but I fell in love with the book.Totally the best in the series till now.By the way,I DON'T ship Amy and Ian,I ship Amy and HamXDXDI'll go on to the other two...I totally recommend it if you've read the rest of course (If you don't,you won't understand a freaking thing)

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I gave this a 5 star because it has a better plot than the others and it has many funny bits.

It's boring when Amy and Dan are separated.AmyandDanDanandAmy

wouldn't say the best but it was good.

good book just not my favorite

great family read

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