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The Day The Eiffel Tower Went Beserk (2007)

The Day the Eiffel Tower Went Beserk (2007)

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About book The Day The Eiffel Tower Went Beserk (2007)

I'm not into the superhero comic genre, but got lured into reading this one by the promise of Gabriel Ba's art (which I knew from the excellent Daytripper, with Fabio Moon), only to be disappointed (Daytripper set expectations too high I guess). I'm not into gothic fantasy or into steampunk either, nor into my chemical romance (the writer is a singer, too)So when the book opened with mysterious births, a token female, all white kids, weapons of mass destruction, super powers and epic combat in Paris, I wasn't too thrilled. Yet somehow it pulled me in. The inter-superhero-team relationships are badly messed up, and the balance between question marks and answers is perfect to keep it interesting, yet not frustrating. I liked how the typical, re.ponsible number one is constantly challenged by his less heroic peers. Nmber two, is typical lancer, is well done. The characters are oozing masses of tropes, but somehow, again, well done. The beginning was a little bit overwhelming but I admit that I wasn't taking my time to look at the art or pay attention to the detail. Other than that, I find that The Umbrella Academy has a very well thought concept. I also admit that I had to read a few reviews to put my head around the whole concept of the comic, but then again I was probably having one of this days. The universe that Way created was limitless and that's what I love most about it. It wasn't messy and all over the place, it was laid out clearly and as if the universe is in dire straits, every little moment counted. I was drawn in and held hostage. I can't wait to read Dallas.

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Really strange. There were more unanswered questions than lost. Overall not my style.

What. Gerard Way wrote a comic book. This I gotta see. Hope it's as hot as he is. Wink.

Story has delusions of adequacy, but the artwork is really solid.

Jesus christ this was amazing

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