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The Cataclysm (1992)

The Cataclysm (1992)

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1560764309 (ISBN13: 9781560764304)
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About book The Cataclysm (1992)

And so the fifth volume of the Tales series is read out. One more to go. It took me longer than expected and desired. Like the others, however, there are good and not good stories in it, making the novel on a whole not super, but average. Then again, it concerns seperate tales of low importance in the storyline of Dragonlance and Krynn.Not good (enough) for me: - The Word And The Silence- Seekers- Ogre Unaware- The Voyage Of The SunchaserGood, but never super: - Mark Of The Flame, Mark Of The Word- The Bargain Driver- No Gods, No Heroes- Into Shadow, Into Light- The Cobbler's Son- The High Priest Of Halcyon- True Knight

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