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Margaret Weis

Margaret Weis
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Books by Margaret Weis


Shadow Raiders (2011)

I had mixed feelings about this book. The book has a number of strengths, but also some glaring weaknesses. As is typical for a world created by Weis, this is a rich, imaginative setting. The plot is constructed such that when the elements all come together the book is exciting and hard to put...

Shadow Raiders (2011) by Margaret Weis

Fire Sea (1992)

Fire Sea is book 3 of 7 in The Death Gate Cycle. The Death Gate Cycle is set in the far future, a post-apocalyptic world that looks a lot like traditional fantasy worlds—full of humans, elves, and dwarves—but with a twist more in keeping with science fiction. A war between two other races, Patr...

Fire Sea (1992) by Margaret Weis

Well of Darkness (2001)

The Well of Darkness focuses on main characters that would be considered evil in a standard medieval fantasy setting. Although, the authors have made subtle differences such as orks being a giant sea-faring race rather than being green-skinned monsters. The authors have decided to begin the story...

Well of Darkness (2001) by Margaret Weis

War of the Twins (2004)

Spero nessuno ne voglia a male se recensisco questo libro considerandolo come parte unico delle "Leggende di Dragonlance" che comprende: "Il destino dei gemelli", "La guerra dei gemelli" e "La sfida dei gemelli". Anche perchè se non erro attualmente si trova in commercio appunto il volume che rac...

War of the Twins (2004) by Margaret Weis

The Prophet of Akhran (1989)

A medio camino en lo que a calidad se refiere entre la primera y segunda novelas de la saga, no acaba de hacerle justicia a lo que ésta trilogía podría haber sido.Tiene elementos suficientes como para ser atrayente: su ambientación, diversidad de dioses y de caracteres, batallas, magia, amor, ave...

The Prophet of Akhran (1989) by Margaret Weis

Dragons of Winter Night (2007)

This is not the rating this book deserves, but I suppose it is the one it needs right now.All evidence suggests that the old gods are finally returning to Krynn after centuries of exile. The Dragon Highlords and their armies of darkness are marching all over the world, conquering everything in th...

Dragons of Winter Night (2007) by Margaret Weis

Triumph of the Darksword (1988)

The boiling conclusion to another trilogy7 February 2012tI have noticed that for a lot of these older books that I have read (older referring to an earlier time in my life as opposed to the books being written a long time ago) I seem to open the comment with 'my friend gave it to me and said that...

Triumph of the Darksword (1988) by Margaret Weis

Legacy of the Darksword (1997)

I read this trilogy in High school at a time when I had little interest in fantasy ( read either classic literature or horror) I found the trilogy absoloutly enrapturing but was sadly forced to give it back to the friend that loaned it to me. Years later when I started reading heavily again I sta...

Legacy of the Darksword (1997) by Margaret Weis

The Reign of Istar (1992)

Part 4 in the Tales series, or the first part of the second Tales trilogy, so to speak. The tales revolve around the holy city of Istar and the Kingpriest, in the period before the Cataclysm. It's got 8 stories, not all equally good or entertaining. Michael William's songs have never been my cup ...

The Reign of Istar (1992) by Margaret Weis

Dragons of the Highlord Skies (2007)

This book, one of the 'Lost Chronicles' that fills in some of the gaps in the original series, really tells us two main stories. It tells us how Kitiara came to get Lord Soth to work for her, and it tells us more of the story surrounding the Icewall dragon orb. The focus of course is on Kit, as...

Dragons of the Highlord Skies (2007) by Margaret Weis

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths (2007)

It's a good job that my expctations for this book were not high, because my very low ones weren't really met. Like most people reading this book (why would you choose this as your first Dragonlance book? Just a small amount of research explains that this really isn't the best place to start!!) ...

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths (2007) by Margaret Weis

Mistress of Dragons (2004)

ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Mistress of Dragons is an interesting story with some likable heroes and and excellent villains. The heroes are the humans and their dragon allies, but the humans don't realize that dragons are their friends because the villains are a couple of dragons gone...

Mistress of Dragons (2004) by Margaret Weis

Dragon Wing (1990)

I did not expect to like this one as much as I did. Sure, I'd heard good things about the series, and had always kinda meant to read it, but just about everyone who raved about it (or about any of Weis and Hickman's combined work) would talk about how amazing said books were when read at a relati...

Dragon Wing (1990) by Margaret Weis

The Seventh Gate (1995)

From the series review here.A terribly disappointing end to what started out as an awesome series. Almost no story arcs had a true resolution, random stuff that doesn’t make sense showing up from left field, and an epilogue that’s some dumbed down version of the story’s original premise. Hint: If...

The Seventh Gate (1995) by Margaret Weis

Into the Labyrinth (1994)

Questo è uno dei miei cicli fantasy preferiti. In sette libri viene creato un sistema di mondi coerente ed intrigante, in cui si muovono personaggi non sempre pienamente consapevoli delle loro azioni. Tutto è permeato da una sorta di patina fascinosa e magica, un'atmosfera avventurosa come se ne ...

Into the Labyrinth (1994) by Margaret Weis

King's Sacrifice (1991)

This was a fine conclusion to a good trilogy. I like it when authors can put a definite end to a story.I normally associate these authors with fantasy, but this is a really fun space opera trilogy. A bit depressing, though. Still, lots of action with blood swords & blood space ships - only thos...

King's Sacrifice (1991) by Margaret Weis

The Lost King (1990)

Turns out, I still love this book. The danger of revisiting something from half a lifetime ago, not to mention something so formative on my opinions on space opera and science fiction, is the potential for enormous disappointment. Fortunately, for me at least, this book lived up to my memories o...

The Lost King (1990) by Margaret Weis

Dragons of a Vanished Moon (2003)

Let's get the ending out of the way first. There is a satisfactory ending to the series but suffice it to say, many questions are still left unanswered! I understand by doing so it gives the readers something to think about but this book is the end of the series! There should be closure! While th...

Dragons of a Vanished Moon (2003) by Margaret Weis

King's Test (1991)

I just remembered something about the first book that I completely forgot about until I read part two. There's a character named Vangelis (and the author's note mentions the band Vangelis) and one with the last name Sagan (after Carl Sagan) and a character with the nickname Tusk. The beginning ch...

King's Test (1991) by Margaret Weis

The Knights of the Black Earth: A Mag Force 7 Novel (1996)

This a a straight, fun action novel. Plain old action science fiction--no deep philosophy, no tremendous insights. Just a pleasant well written action thriller. Just the thing to spend a pleasant evening or two reading when you are not in the mood for more serious SF. Not great literature--b...

The Knights of the Black Earth: A Mag Force 7 Novel (1996) by Margaret Weis

The Soulforge (1999)

This book basically covers the first half of Raistlin's massive alignment shift from what appears to be Neutral Good to Chaotic Neutral. Events described in chronologically later books shift his moral pendulum further towards the Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil side, and perhaps back to Chaotic Good to...

The Soulforge (1999) by Margaret Weis

Robot Blues (1996)

Part of a trilogy (Mag Force 7): The Knights of the Black Earth, Robot Blues, and Hung Out.Hung Out is a bit of a weak entry.Knights is good, a little better if you read Margaret's Star of the Guardian trilogy (later she added a forth, which is marginal). Star is a dark story (single story broke ...

Robot Blues (1996) by Margaret Weis

Ghost Legion (1993)

I found out a few weeks ago that a newer fourth novel existed to one of my favorite sci fi trilogies of childhood. Now, I sortve wish that I was still ignorant of that fact. It's not that the book is bad or even worse than the first three (which I loved!) but that i didn't feel that it added anyt...

Ghost Legion (1993) by Margaret Weis

Love and War (1987)

The 3rd book in the Tales series and so far, imho, the best. Or least bad, however you see it. The focus lies on love and war, be that war as we know it or struggling with feelings or being trapped in a dangerous situation. Love prevails, be that love from a lover, friends, and so on. Several dec...

Love and War (1987) by Margaret Weis

The Dragon's Son (2005)

The good news: This book is, in my opinion, the strongest book in The Dragonvarld Trilogy.The bad news: Considering the first and third books use dragon rape as a major driving force, I'm not so sure if this is a distinction this book can be proud of. (and I'm not being flippant about this either...

The Dragon's Son (2005) by Margaret Weis

Journey Into the Void (2004)

It has been almost 10 years since I read the second installment of the Sovereign Stone trilogy. So, to return to Loerem was a treat. The darkness from the first two installments came back to mind. I thought that Weis and Hickman had done an excellent job of keeping the series quite dark. The ...

Journey Into the Void (2004) by Margaret Weis

The Magic of Krynn (1987)

"Is Rasitlin truly dead?"If you have to ask, probably not...I gotta' say, it has been a looooooooong time since I read me some Dragonlance. I loved the original trilogy as a kid because I was a full on, geeked out, D&D playin' lunatic! Then I discovered girls. And rock 'n' roll. Actually, the...

The Magic of Krynn (1987) by Margaret Weis

Forging the Darksword (1988)

I started reading some of the Dragonlance novels quite a few years back, and I've always enjoyed the core books written by Weis & Hickman, so I decided to give their non-Dragonlance-related fantasy a shot. I love fantasy that came out in the '80s, they seem to have a particular soul and atmospher...

Forging the Darksword (1988) by Margaret Weis

Guardians of the Lost (2002)

No, I'm not referring to my role as parent to two college students. Rather, the title of this entry, Guardians of the Lost, is the second novel in a fantasy trilogy, the "Soverign Stone Trilogy" by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. These authors will probably forever be known for their authorshi...

Guardians of the Lost (2002) by Margaret Weis

The War of the Lance (1992)

And the final Tales novel is finished. Finally. Reading all the Tales novels (6) in a row feels like I've read several novels. As a result, I need some time off regarding Dragonlance. :PIn any case, The War Of The Lance seems to be, in my opinion, the best of the pack. It's got the most stories t...

The War of the Lance (1992) by Margaret Weis

Time of the Twins (2004)

I love this book despite the fact that about half of it is steeped in serious suckiness. The fact is, at least for me, that the excellent bits in Time of the Twins are far more excellent than the excellent bits in the three Dragonlance books that preceded this one (and those books had some excell...

Time of the Twins (2004) by Margaret Weis

Dragons of Autumn Twilight (2000)

Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" Over the years, I've read some fantasy romance, but I can't say that I've read much in the way of straight epic fantasy. This happens to be one of my husband's favorite genres, and Dragonlance, one of his favorite series. He has been trying to talk me into read...

Dragons of Autumn Twilight (2000) by Margaret Weis

Dragons of Summer Flame (1995)

Entertaining story overall, and one I missed somehow. I grew up reading the Dragonlance books but never got to this one until this past week (even though I bought the paperback like five years ago), which made the leap to the War of Souls trilogy a little confusing for me. Now the timeline makes ...

Dragons of Summer Flame (1995) by Margaret Weis

Dragons of a Lost Star (2001)

What more can I say besides that the adventure continues on with Dragons of a Lost Star?! That's basically what happens here. This second book picks up from the first and never misses a step. As in the first, there are several separate stories being told here. You have the duo of Tas and Palin tr...

Dragons of a Lost Star (2001) by Margaret Weis

Dragons of a Fallen Sun (2001)

It's been a long while since I've last touched a Dragonlance novel. After reading many other fantasy books during the interim, I finally can see why many readers desperately wanted the original authors of the Dragonlance novels to write the next trilogy of books and hopefully, beyond that as well...

Dragons of a Fallen Sun (2001) by Margaret Weis

The Paladin of the Night (1989)

Khardan, Zohra, and Matthew struggle ineffectually against each other and themselves as they are imprisoned under the power of a dark, dead God.In middle-school days, my favorite character was Pukah, the puckish djinn who propels the plot. I've always liked trickster characters. Reading the books...

The Paladin of the Night (1989) by Margaret Weis

Test of the Twins (2004)

"Our last hope, thought Tanis - a dark elf. This is insane! It can't be happening.Leaning against the stone table, he let his head sink into his hands. Name of the gods, he was tired! His body ached, his wounds burned and stung. He had removed the breast plate of his armor - it felt as heavy as a...

Test of the Twins (2004) by Margaret Weis

The Cataclysm (1992)

And so the fifth volume of the Tales series is read out. One more to go. It took me longer than expected and desired. Like the others, however, there are good and not good stories in it, making the novel on a whole not super, but average. Then again, it concerns seperate tales of low importance i...

The Cataclysm (1992) by Margaret Weis

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