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The Angel (2012)

The Angel (2012)

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0778313999 (ISBN13: 9780778313991)
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About book The Angel (2012)

In a number of ways this story creates conflict within me, perhaps that is why I am captured by it. I love this story, it is so complex and at times complicated, and even though I don't think I want to, I love the character of Eleanor/Nora. This story is also very emotional and I am never quite sure where Tiffany Reisz is leading the reader. I guess that is why I believe this is a brilliant story, and Reisz a master storyteller. All the characters are mesmerising!Once again this is not a story for everyone, my continued advice is - then don't read it, there are plenty of other stories that will meet your tastes. After The Siren, I knew I would like this book. But I LOVED this book. Yes, there's kink. Yes, I cringed at a scene. Not a super fan of blood play but I get it. We learn so much more about all the characters and what happened in their lives to shape them now. The book is incredibly well-written. Flashbacks from Nora are flawlessly sprinkled into the present. As a reader, you're transported back with Nora. I've read other books where this is choppy and its hard to stay focused on the story. Here, it's done seamlessly.

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6 Astounding StarssssssGOBSMACKED, absolutely Gobsmacked!

4.5 stars I think. Total mindfuck but in a good way.

These books are like crack….seriously.

This is a great read!

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