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Peccato Originale: Il Gioco (2013)

Peccato originale: Il  gioco (2013)

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8854156639 (ISBN13: 9788854156630)
Newton Compton

About book Peccato Originale: Il Gioco (2013)

Wow. When I picked this up, I was rather expecting one of those 'too good to be true' scenarios. Here's an author who writes BDSM erotica. Yeah. Okay. But she really, really does. All of the emotions are wrapped up so perfectly that I really just don't have any complaints. The characters are sexy and all of them have depth. This book is page after page of steamy, naughty sex, no surprises there! XD But there is still a heavy vein of rich plot, and also a lot of information if by chance someone happens upon these books with a healthy dose of curiosity. This story is a fantastic read for someone who wants a good look into the BDSM world, whether or not they are in it themselves. It deals with a lot of the common challenges faced by people in the lifestyle as well. (I'm struggling to put this into words because 1) I am still a little awestruck and 2) I'm trying not to spoil it for you). There's the issue of struggling to come to terms with who you are and what you want, there's the issue of having these darker desires and yet being in love with someone who doesn't. There's the issue of desiring something that freaks out your family and would separate you from the life you know and the people you love. It's very much a book about learning about yourself, knowing you aren't alone, and being accepted. And from a technical execution standpoint, they are wonderfully written. The sexy scenes don't read awkwardly, and they strike an appropriate balance with the progression of plot. The author really has a way of feeding you just enough of the mystery to keep you reading, too, uncovering just enough plot to leave you hungry, like showing a picture that elicits a reaction, but not telling you what's on it until later. All the loose ends are tied up by the end, but even the end leaves you a bit hungry, driving you toward the next book. I'm glad to have found The Original Sinners. The books are exactly what they look like, but also much deeper than you thought. Recommended reading if you were left disappointed by --certain other books-- that were supposed to do what this one did. This book is a welcome addition to my shelf and now I simply have to read the rest of them. E' migliore del primo.Continua a stuzzicare l'attenzione del lettore da un capitolo all'altro.Nono ho mai letto una storia così esplicita, soprattutto tra due uomini.Dopo un pò ho provato pena per Soren!Finale avvincente e imprevedibile, impreziosito dal colpo di scena.Purtroppo per Wesley credo che Nora alla fine sceglierà il prete.Affascinante lo scontro verbale tra Soren e Wesley e la proposta di matrimonio.

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Intriguing! And an excellent balance of characters and plots!! Loved it!

OMG!!!! I'm loving this series. Could not put the book down.

I can't anything..It was a shock. A beautiful shock.

A lot of things in this one hurt.

* 3,5 *

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