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Sore Spots (2014)

Sore Spots (2014)

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The Last Good Knight, Part II: Sore Spots, Tiffany ReiszReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsI don't usually read shorts but when they're about characters from an existing series and my an author whose writing I know I’ll enjoy I’m in. This is quite a fun way of releasing a novel, five instalments released over five consecutive days so no long wait for next part. I hate waiting for next in series – want everything yesterday and often wait til all parts are out before I buy, then read straight through.We left Nora in the last part about to go to Kingsley's house. She's there now and Kingsley is telling the female staff ( and Soren of course!) what's going to happen, and what has prompted it. It means Nora needs a bodyguard, being Nora she's not happy but sees the sense. Then she finds out it's Lance – and Kingsley has stipulated no sex or kink while on duty or Lance will lose his job. She's creative though is Nora :-) and finds a way to get a little of what she wants, stretching Kingsley decree tot he limits of language...Lance get a bit more of an introduction to Nora's world while taking her to and from clients and they chat. He tells Nora more about himself too – poor Lance, I really felt for him in such an unfair situation. I can see Nora growing closer to him all the while – where's that leaving Soren I wonder?? Nah, actually I don't – no-one could ever replace him ;-) and does that man know it! It always amazes me how Tiffany has taken him ( and Kingsley) – men who on the surface I’d think I hate and yet... like every other fan of the series I can't help but love them. She makes their behaviour seem so reasonable you find yourself thinking “well, why not? It's not hurting anyone else”. Priced once again at £1.49 for 31 pages. Stars: Five of course! ARC supplied via Netgalley. This little series is classic Tiffany Reisz, and such a delightful glimpse back into the world of Mistress Nora. Lance, who is Nora's Last Good Night, is simply edible! What a prince! This series gives you a good insight of Nora's mistress years, the yearning she still has for Soren and the love that continues to burn inside her for her priest, yet is so torn between her true destiny and the freedom needs to be her true self. Also Kingsley and his twisted life between pleasure, responsibility and his true identity; along with some of the lovely subs in the Underworld. The relationship Nora has for just a few days with Lance is true and bitter sweet, but leaves such a moral message. Sometimes kink and reality don't mix well, not fair, yet so very true. I can't wait for the new series and when The Saint comes out.

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Now the angst begins!Jumping straight over to the next novella to see how that visit goes!

Ugh, sore spots. Ugh, déjenme abrazar a Lance y jamás dejarlo ir.

“Je t’adore, mon roi.”review later!

miniseries: The Original Sinners

LOL Snoopy Band Aid

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