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The A-List (2003)

The A-List (2003)

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About book The A-List (2003)

My January book of the month was The A-List, which only took me a couple of days to read. I could not put this book down, but I also found a few problems with it as well. The plot is addictive though and I am sure to be borrowing more from Danielle (already scored the second book!). I am trying to read two books a month with two reviews on my blog a month as well. I want to go back to my roots for the New Year. I used to only do book reviews. I don't have as much free time as I used to, so I think this is very ambitious.Disclaimer:I promise to be brutally honest with my opinion, but it should not be taken as fact. Any reader should read it for themselves, before they decide if this book has any merit or not. Do not judge this book biased solely on my opinion. If you do, you might miss out on a great read. You never know. It could happen. My review may contain spoilers, but I really strive to be spoiler-free. I borrowed this book from my local library. This book was not suggested to me by the author. I have no affiliation with the author or his/her publisher.Strong Main Character:Anna is a bit weak in the beginning, but she undergoes a lot of character development. I love beginning inside of her mind and listening in on her inner turmoil. I love seeing her transcend above the other petty girls. I really feel like this book is all about Anna. I hope the series continues to focus mostly on Anna, although I do not mind reading about the other girls as well. I just feel like Anna steals the show with this one.5 out of 5 starsEvil Antagonist:There really isn't any evil character just mean, petty, and misleading ones. I really wish that there was some driving evil force, but there just wasn't. I guess, this just isn't that type of novel. I feel that fluffy romances could still have a truly evil character. Everyone is three dimensional not one. I'm not going to fault this book for it though. That is truly amazing that all characters are that developed.5 out of 5 starsStrong Minor Characters:I feel like I cared about all of the characters in this book. With all the different POVs, I feel like I got to know every character a bit better and I understood their motivations. I just don't quite understand Cammie yet and I don't really care to. I didn't label her as evil, because all her "evil" plans fell through every time in a matter of paragraphs. If the author wanted her to truly be evil, she should drag out the drama a bit more than she did.4 out of 5 starsThe Plot:I admire Dean for the story she weaved together so flawlessly with so many vital characters. It isn't your typical East Coast girl goes to Cali to reinvent herself as the It Girl. Fate just happens to hand her It Girl status and the group of devious girls that come with it. I like that the main character stays true to herself throughout the novel and never gives into being part of the In Crowd. This seems like the perfect gateway series into Gossip Girl, which I found a bit dry. I might be tempted to try it again after reading these. 5 out of 5 starsThe Setting:Where was it, seriously? The only descriptions in this book was what everyone was wearing. Otherwise, everything else was glossed over with little to no descriptive details. Describing the opulence of the mansions and how the parties were set up would have gone a long way into capturing my attention even more. I felt like the setting was largely ignored or "forgotten" for the most part.1 out of 5 starsThe Dialogue:Dean stayed very true to real teenage language. She didn't use a lot of slang and while the teens are largely sex obsessed, they talked pretty true to real first world problems that teens would discuss. I thought that at the same time of being relationship crazy, the characters were mature and "worldly". Simply put, her characters seemed like actual people: an amazing feat for any author.5 out of 5 starEngaging Surprises:There were so many twists and turns that I don't know exactly where to start. Some of the plot turns do not make much sense to me, which I think is very off putting to the reader. Others were easily understandable and gasp worthy. I also found myself laughing at certain points over how ridiculous some of the surprises were. Some were definitely not believable, but provided solid entertainment to be sure.3 out of 5 starsThe Climax:I will reiterate, what climax? Seriously, there were no gosh moment big enough t have been deemed the climax. There were many small moments, but they didn’t leave to any big reveal, unless you thought what Dee revealed the climax. She could have easily been lying though and for me, the moment just wasn’t big enough to be The climax to the whole point of the book. I just didn’t come across one reading the book.1 out of 5 starsEmotional Response:Like I mentioned earlier, this caused a few laughs and giggles as well as gasps. Beyond that, I didn’t feel a real connection with the novel, but I did care about the characters in it and I am very interested/fascinated by them. This is a good light, fluffy read. 2 out of 5 starsThe Ending:I thought the ending was a bit of a copout and very hurried through. If the book would have ended with Cassie’s warning, then it would have been fine. It ended with the scene with Ben though and I have to agree with Anna. His story does not make sense unless it was his sister with a Hannah Montana life. Otherwise, I do not see that happening with him at all. I also feel like Ben’s character isn’t all that charming or worthy of anyone in the story. He is supposed to be this dreamy Hollywood It Boy, but I fail to see that in him. He really has the bad habit of alienating people he supposedly cared about: a serious red flag in any relationship.1 out of 5 starsThe Writing:Overall, I really love Dean’s writing style, which is what makes her novel so addicting to me. I just eat the pages up with my ravenous eyes and want more. I do see a few plot problems with random bits of information that contradicts the story, but maybe they are supposed to be there to create the seeds of doubt? I do not know, but it makes the novel a bit confusing at some points. I wish Dean was a bit consistent with sticking with the characters’ stories and not follow up a character revelation with information or an event that contradicts that development. It’s like going backwards or nowhere at all.3 out of 5 starsThe Artwork:*yawn* It isn’t the most exciting, but at least it included a picture of whom I assume would be Sam.2 out of 5 starsGenre:Fluffy chick lit all the way. I do not feel like the back blurb does this book any justice. It is much more than the blurb leads on. I am fully addicted. 4 out of 5 starsTitle:It is a catchy title and it is what drew me to the book in the first place. I love popularity books. I am fascinated with them, probably because I never was popular myself and I want to know what I missed. People would argue with me that I was really popular at my last job at Kmart, but I never was in high school…just at basically every place after.5 out of 5 starsOverall, this novel gets a 3.28 or a 3 out of 5 stars. It was an enjoyable, light read, but it wasn’t really substantial or anything. I think that if you have spare time and you want to read this, it is a good book. If you want to read something similar to this but better, read The Clique Series or The Ivy Series, depending upon your age respectively. I enjoy reading all kinds of books and for me to keep reading a series, it has to at least get 3 stars from me.I take book recommendations as well. If you want me to read a certain book and review it, let me know. If you have a book you want me to read and a list of questions to ask me instead of (or with) a review, let me know as well. I’m open to most anything. Any suggestions that I do read, I will name in my blog post and have a link back to your blog.I am thinking about what to read next and I have it narrowed down to four: Elixir by Hilary Duff, LA Candy by Lauren Conrad, The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling, or The Last Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book. Help me pick or suggest a totally different book. Thank you for helping a girl out. I can never decide on my own, just ask whoever shops with me.

Dear Diary, So I met this boy named Ben on the plane to L.A. He had it all from the looks, brains, ugh! just everything. I couldn’t wait any longer. I took him to the bathroom and we did what we had to do. The sex was great! I was feeling him and I could tell he was feelig me too. We got off the plane in L.A. , exchanged numbers, and he even invited me to the famous Jackson Sharpe’s wedding! So much happened today. I’m ready to start a new life here . It’s L.A. baby no regrets and nothing can stop me from getting what’s mines.Dear Diary, Okay so I’m at the wedding with Ben. Then all of a sudden these three girls Cammie, Sam, and Dee came up to me. I can tell they don’t like me and it’s all because me and Ben are together! How pathetic! I mean I’m new to this town and I’m already into drama. But it’s weird. Because of a boy? Is he really that special? I need to find the real reason why they don’t like me. Until then I’ll talk to you later diary.Dear Diary, It’s my first day of high school here and guess who was there? Yup Cammie, Sam, and Dee. Sam made an effort to talk to me today. She’s really cool and she told me Cammie is the one who has all this hatred towards me. She and Ben used to date until he let for college. Aww Cammie your heartbroken? Poor baby your so childish! Pouting isn’t going to get Ben back. He’s mines now and you can try any little scheme but it won’t work for me.Dear Diary, Sam, Dee, and I hang out often now. Cammie always declines when she knows I’m coming. Ugh, stuck up bitch!! The tension between us is sso thick you can slice it with a butterknife. In school she makes these remarks about me and Ben. I’m so tired of it, I’m ready to just punch her. She’s causing all this frustration in my life. I don’t even want Ben anymore, I have a new boo his name’s Adam. So Cammie you can stop all your shit talking and have my sloppy seconds. Dear Diary, Hey Anna it’s Cammie. Yup the one and only. So Anna you really shouldn’t have left leave your diary on your desk at school. I see all the shit your talking in your diary. Yeah, I know you hate me but you can hate me moree. You know your “new boo” Adam? Umm I slept with himm a few days ago. The sex was muy bien ;). I’m sure he’ll be coming back for more. So you can go crying back to your little diary. I’ll do anything to run you out this town. Payback’s a bitch :) XoXo, Cammie

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The A-List is about a girl named Anna Percy. Anna is the type of person who is basically great at everything she does. Anna has been in her best friends shadow for the past thirteen years. Anna soon becomes tired with her boring life. So she decides to jet off to LA to meet her dad and try to get a college internship. Instead she goes to an Oscar winner’s wedding, lounge at an after-hours back-lot party, and meet a guy named Ben, she just might love. This genre is a Drama. The book’s weakness is when Anna and Ben came to the wedding and they were waiting for the reception to start. I thought this was a weakness because the author didn’t comment about what they were doing at the wedding. The strong parts are when Anna first meets Cammie, Sam, and Dee. I thought that was a strong part because all of the girls start insulting Anna about dating Ben and, then Cammie steps on and rips Anna’s dress. The author makes you feel like you are there because she is talking as a narrative in the story. The main characters are very believable. I liked this book very much.

This is an intriguing novel about a teenage girl named Anna Percy. Anna is a straight A student and almost to good at everything. Her best friend Cynthia or Cyn however is the complete opposite. Cyn is wild, brave, and likes her spotlight but Anna is more of a subtle humble girl. Though Anna doesn't mind being a goody two shoes, she is jealous of Cyn and desperately wants to be like her. This novel is about how Anna travels to L.A. to do an internship and bond with her dad for a while. This doesn't happen, by the time she arrives in L.A. she's made what she calls a "Cyn move" and has already fallen and made out with a Princeton hottie named Ben Birnbaum. But sadness hits her when she finds out her father is not waiting for her at the airport, but the worst part is, she found him on drugs. The novel continues in a fun, exciting shocking way with different events and evil people. Cammie is Bens’s ex and desperately wants him back, she would do anything to ruin Anna’s time with Ben, but Anna stays strong and fights back. I absolutely love this book, it’s an easy read and only about 200 pages, you get so glued to it and won’t want to put it down!!! There is a whole series of about 8 books, there is no doubt I’m going to read those next…And anyone who’s into devious girl fights, TONS of gossip and surprising events…YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK ;)
—Helen Pontak

Anna Percy is sick of her predictable life and is ready for excitement and a new image as she heads off to LA to stay with her Dad. ON the plane she is seated next to this chatty drunk Rick who keeps making moves on her when she is saved by a guy named Ben whom she finds herself falling for and when they are heated in the plane stall Rick rattles on them getting them in embarrassing trouble with the flight attendant. When they land Ben asks Anna to join him in going to Oscar winning Jackson Sharpe’s wedding as he grew up with his daughter Sam whom though no one knows it loves Ben and plans to pin him at the wedding as does Sam’s BFF Dee who does secretly as well and not so secretly his ex Cammie that though everyone thinks was just a physical connection between them she actually loves Ben like Sam and Dee do though all three of them keep it a secret. They try hard to torment and rid of Anna and grab Ben though they fail. When Anna and Ben are passionate though they don’t do it on New Year’s Eve he goes to get the car and doesn’t return to retrieve Anna from the boat breaking her heart. Anna meets her Dad’s new girlfriend who bears much resemblance to her Mon and he says he wants to work things out with her. Her sis Susan says she might check out of Rehab. Sam and Dee try to befriend Anna and invite her to this charity feeding that Anna learns they are just doing for school credit. She gets sick and barfs on Cammie and Sam. She awakens with Dee in her room who tells her she loves Ben and that they hooked up once and she’s now pregnant with his child though she hasn’t told anyone. Dee leaves and Anna wakes to find her Dad who convinces her to stay as he wants to be her dad; however, she must go to school since her internship can’t take place since Dad’s girlfriend Margaret, the one she was suppose to intern quit. Anna finds herself at Beverly Hills High amidst the three girls who hate her the most. Ben appears and tells her he had left to save a friend who had overdosed and that he called Anna but she hadn’t answered, she had been asleep, yet Anna does not take him back and goes off promising to herself that no one’s going to make her leave the 90210 except herself by her own choice.tGreat character work and dialogue utilized. Many secrets and complex relationships and complications. The fab life of the rich and famous tainted by their very real problems: unrequited love, stand-ups, secrets, and people as fake as their noses. The 90210 in all its glory. Can’t wait to start reading the next book tomorrow.

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