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Some Like It Hot (2006)

Some Like It Hot (2006)

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About book Some Like It Hot (2006)

How I Came To Read This Book: Danielle lent it to me!The Plot: Anna Percy convinces her LA 'friends' to go to prom - but Sam has another idea in mind. Namely, she's setting out to shoot a prom documentary expose on the B-List girls that plan prom, befriending them yet simultaneously referring to them as the 'prom weenies' behind their back. Meanwhile Cammie is struggling with a dark secret from her family past that threatens her relationship with Adam, and Dee is finally on the path to normalcy at a fancy clinic. The Good & The Bad: This book was a step up from 'Back in Black', as prom is a topic pretty much no one can screw up for enjoyment. That being said, the book oddly spoils a lot of its plot 'twists' in its back cover blurb - twists that don't occur until the last 40-50 pages of the book, which really renders the first 3/4 pretty useless. That being said, this book gave Dean a good opportunity to show off her skills at writing about the life of luxury these kids enjoy, which is probably the most enjoyable part of the books, as unimaginable as it may be. I think the cliffhangers at the end were interesting - and more motivation than usual to continue on with the series, but I also am still not LOVING this series.Anything Memorable?: No...50-Book Challenge: Book #44 in 2008

Some like it hot is a book about a group of highschool students in an A-List group. It's time for prom and the B-List students need one of the A-List girls to help them prepare for it. Will Sam help them when her boyfriend Eduardo might not even be able to make it? And what about Anna and Ben? Is a good friend of Ben threatning to tear Anna's perfect relationship with Ben apart? What's in store for Cammie and her BF Adam? Will Adam find a horrible secret about Cammie's mothers disapperance and When will he plan to tell her? This prom will be heartbreaking, exciting fun, sensational, and disappointing for many, but in the end there will be a few hard choices, break-ups and friendships ruined and put back together

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Gotta admit I liked this book because Ben & Anna are tight here. It made me loved their pairing even more. <3 I liked Sam more here, and my dislike for Cammie because slightly lower and made me realize she and Adam deserve each other. Plus, Dee & Jack are super adorable ♥

I remember reading it in the 8th grade and I remember enjoying it so I decided to pick it up and read it again. It's a light read which I enjoy. It talks about a girl, named Rocky who moved from the Philipines to the United States in the 1960's. Rocky falls in love with a guitar player, Elvis. She moves with him to San Francisco and meets someone named Keiko. The three of them decide to move to New York and start their band :The Gangster of Love. I think the author did a great job of really showing direct and indirect characterization of the characters in the book, especially Rocky. I would recommend this book to those who like to read inspiring stories.
—Kelly Liang

So this book was another one recommended by my friend Alexandra. Overall, I thought this book was an okay read. From the cover and title, I thought it would be about some rich girls living snobby lives, stuff we see on the television like 90210, Gossip Girls, NYC Prep type. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE watching those shows, trashy dramas and trashy reality shows like The Hills, but I don't really enjoy reading books like that. I think I'm more of the visual person. THroughout this book, the main plot dealt around prom. Cammie wanted to know who killed her mother and Adam knew almost everything. Adam had a letter that said that Cammie's dad was sleeping with Sam's mom. It turns out that Cammie's mom fell off a boat the night that her dad cheated on her mom. Can I say DRAMA or what? Eh. I don't think I would recommend this book. It was kind of long and I didn't really like the plot.
—Jessica Ng

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