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Series: A-list

by Author Zoey Dean


California Dreaming (2008)

Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.comWe left Anna Percy at the end of BEAUTIFUL STRANGER deciding if she should be spontaneous and follow Logan onto the plane and fly to Bali the week before she was due to head to freshman orientation at Yale.Now, Anna has thrown all caution to the wind and has...

California Dreaming (2008) by Zoey Dean

The A-List (2003)

My January book of the month was The A-List, which only took me a couple of days to read. I could not put this book down, but I also found a few problems with it as well. The plot is addictive though and I am sure to be borrowing more from Danielle (already scored the second book!). I am trying t...

The A-List (2003) by Zoey Dean

Some Like It Hot (2006)

How I Came To Read This Book: Danielle lent it to me!The Plot: Anna Percy convinces her LA 'friends' to go to prom - but Sam has another idea in mind. Namely, she's setting out to shoot a prom documentary expose on the B-List girls that plan prom, befriending them yet simultaneously referring to ...

Some Like It Hot (2006) by Zoey Dean

Girls on Film (2004)

This was the other book that I read in February, which I thought was very entertaining even if it was stereotypical. I can see myself borrowing the next one. It is like my binges on reality tv. I just read it for entertainment. It does not have any redeeming qualities to it. You do not read this ...

Girls on Film (2004) by Zoey Dean

Back in Black (2005)

Back in Black written by Zoey Dean gives you an insight on what the high life of Beverly Hills is like. This might seem interesting for a story but I will have to disagree. Even though getting to see the rich upscale life of Anna Percy and her friends, nothing had happened that led to a good stor...

Back in Black (2005) by Zoey Dean

Blonde Ambition (2004)

Ben has fallen madly in love with Anna Percy to the point where he’s smothering her and becomes jealous when she so much as glances at another guy. She loves him too, but she finds she can’t differentiate her feelings of love and lust. He also needs to return to Princeton ASAP or he won’t be acce...

Blonde Ambition (2004) by Zoey Dean