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Ten In The Bin (2013)

Ten in the Bin (2013)

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N.R. Walker

About book Ten In The Bin (2013)

I dunno about this one. It was kind of a miss for me. Maybe it was the length that worked against any real character depth. But I feel as though Walker attempted to create some dimension in the characters by mentioning past relationships, family issues, etcetera. I think the real issue for me was making Darren too simple. He was sweet, sure, but in a full length novel, or even novella, it would be clearer how the MCs truly complimented each other. Apparently I already have this... Not quite sure how these things happen. I must be buying books in my sleep. Anyway, to read soon, methinks.Update: Turns out I have already read this. Says a lot, really. Not a bad book at all, in fact quite sweet but I've read some top material recently and alongside it, this isn't particularly memorable (neither for being outstanding nor for being rubbish - that's good at least)

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Loved this sexy short read!!! It was funny and the perfect story to read in a day!!

Two tough large guys who are gentle at heart. Sweet story. Great cover.

Short, sweet, sexy. N.R. Walker's an autobuy for me.

Sweet :)

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