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Tehlikeli Kızıl (2014)

Tehlikeli Kızıl (2014)

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Aspendos Yayıncılık

About book Tehlikeli Kızıl (2014)

Tarryn Fisher! You are despicable! You wormed your way into my head by making me love The Opportunist and made me read this book about this evil woman knowing that I cannot finish this series without getting Leah's side of the story first. But I have to admit that, yes, you are a master of manipulation, you genius evil author.But ugh, it was excruciatingly difficult to read this! I had to skip most parts (sorry!) just so I could finish it fast and start reading Caleb's story. And now, because I'm done with this, I'm out!! I have a date with Caleb... Joke. I actually don't like that guy. I feel sorry for Leah (kind of, but it's all her fault, really, hard-headed, insufferable lying bitch that she is).Okay need to read the conclusion to this roller-coaster ride.Babboo! Wow what a monumentally messed up story! This is one of those books where you just keep shaking your head. I mean Leah was one hell of a character. Tarryn Fisher did a sensational job of getting into the mind of such a psychotic little witch; full credit to her. I enjoyed this much more than the first part. The writing quality was excellent and I noticed a marked improvement from part one. Some passages and phrases were so good that I lost track of the story, instead analysing the writing and how well it worked - total word nerd, I know! Keen to see where this trail of lies and deception ends now in Caleb's book. I have one warning for him - beware a woman scorned!

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OMG! Bu yazar tam bi bitch! O son neydi lan! Zavallı kalbim için bu kadarı da fazla!! xD

Manipulative little ....On to the final one, taking no breaks!

Unputdownable, literally!

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