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Fırsatçı (2013)

Fırsatçı (2013)

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6055175207 (ISBN13: 9786055175207)

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Mindfucked.I am confused but I have hope. I would have tore my hair out if I didn't know the story didn't end there (I am assuming it's not the end with the sequels). I understand, perfectly Olivia's retaliation but I don't understand why she still blamed it on herself for when she caught him cheating on her?! I don't get it. Yes it's wrong for her to sleep with the stranger right after but UGH I don't understand! It's wrong but Caleb had no rights to blame her for everything. Gahhhh this book just mindfucked me. 3.5 starsKind of a weird one. I enjoyed this but it had such an odd offbeat feel to it. Given it was in Olivia's POV that explains a lot. Olivia was a strange, self hating character and I found being inside her head to be an unsettling experience. I liked Caleb but he was pretty messed up too. I'm interested in reading on with this series but not keen to see poor Noah become a victim of this Olivia / Caleb obsession.

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Wonderful storie, but I feel my heart broken because Caleb & Olive aren't togethere!!

Leah kaşar.Olivia da kaşar.Caleb da erkek kaşarı.Bye.

Not your usually love story but addictive nonetheless.


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