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Teach Me Love (2000)

Teach Me Love (2000)

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Also posted at oakleighedits.blogspot.comLet me preface this by mentioning that I do not like to leave negative reviews. In this case, I do not feel I have much choice.Where to begin? This book is advertised as having been re-edited in March, 2014. Having slogged through it, I have to wonder what it was like before. The writing is stilted and awkward throughout. Aside from misspelled and misused words, and verb tense inconsistencies, there are words and ideas rephrased and repeated within paragraphs, as though the author sought to beef up the word count. Additionally, there are some odd phrases used, inconsistencies in characters and their actions, and simple mistakes in descriptions, which could all be easily corrected with proofreading.On top of all of this, this book contains a catalogue of romance novel tropes including jealous exes, insta-love, bad boy turned good, and middle-school girl smackdown. The characters are unbelievable, unrealistic, and unlikeable at times. The hero is constantly putting together multi-million dollar publishing deals, yet puts his PA in charge of a new division. He spends time soul-searching about getting involved with someone, decides not to, and then ends up in bed with her almost immediately afterward. The heroine is a mature single mom one moment and a melodramatic adolescent the next, yet her melodrama doesn’t live up to the build-up. The son is an unrealistically obedient and understanding six year old. The "steamy" loves scenes are remarkably clinical. When Jacob has sex with Abigail, it's no different than when he has sex with previous girlfriends. Though there is supposed to be a depth of romantic feeling with Abigail, it isn't expressed in the bedroom.If this had lived up to the blurb, it could have been an enjoyable read. As it stands, it was greatly disappointing. I won this on facebook in a giveaway from the author. I wanted to like this story. And I did. But there were so many mistakes. Typos, spelling errors and messed up descriptions. At one point the FMC was described as wearing a dress that was one color and 2 paragraphs later it was totally different. There were so many inconsistencies like that I almost couldn't handle it. All that said if I was able to forget about those things I did enjoy the story.

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I really enjoyed this book. Can't wait to read more from this author.

3.5 stars and a review coming soon

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2.5 stars

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