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Holding Onto You (2000)

Holding onto You (2000)

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About book Holding Onto You (2000)

Okay this is another 2014 great read.. It's one of my fave.. S moose.. How do I start by saying I loved every single page & characters of this series..I'm on book 3.. This book you can't put it down but at the same time I don't want to end it. I need Adam & Connor for ever.. You will want more each time you keep reason. Adam will be the best brother, friend,son & boyfriend he is so perfect. This will be one of BBF that will keep him close to my heart is like his emotions during the whole book felt real. Love like Adam & Sophie is meant forever. Doesn't matter distance or time what it's meant for you it will come back to you. I felt a connection with Sophie since is hard to get close to people when the most important people of your life is gone. Life it will never be the same until someone will change your whole world.. It makes a difference... Looking forward for vision series after I'm done..with this series s moose xox 4.5 Stars!I really enjoyed reading this story from Adam's POV. In Reaching Out For You, we see how hurt Sophia was when her mother died and her best friend eventually slipped away, but in this novella we see just how much Adam was hurting as well. I kinda felt for the guy…it's hard dealing with another person's emotions as well as your own, especially when you're just a teenager, and sometimes it's better to take a step back and give that person the time and space that they need to heal. However, in this case it backfired.After four years, Adam is clearly still in love with Sophia, and seeing her again causes a flood of emotions to return. Only problem is…she's in a relationship with Kyle. It's obvious that Sophia is uncomfortable around her boyfriend and Adam notices it too, but Kyle isn't willing to give her up so easily and tells Adam to back off.We get a glimpse at Adam and Sophia rekindling their friendship at the end, and I wish there had been more because I felt it ended a bit abruptly. I would have like to see more of Adam and Sophia's journey from his POV. What can I say…I just love Adam!

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I really didn't like this book. I found the characters hard work, not really my bag.

Just loved reading this book! It was so good!

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