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Reaching Out For You (2000)

Reaching Out for You (2000)

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About book Reaching Out For You (2000)

Omg! This book made me cry! I love that Sophie and Adam get a chance and maybe just maybe fall in love completely. The attraction is still there, along with that magnetic pull, but will it be enough to make Adam stay to be there when Sophie needs him the most? I am not going to tell you. You will have to read it for yourself. What I can say is...this book was a carosel of emotions. One minute I was crying the next I wanted to kick Kyle's behind (to put it nicely) Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed. If you were hoping for spoilers, you are not going to get them from me! 3.5 stars- I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI really wanted to love this one. Unfortunately this book was not for me. I believe this story is intended for a younger audience. I am in the minority here, this book has a lot or 5 star ratings so I will recommend you to buy, read it and decide for yourself. Here are the positives:HEA (with a bonus at the end) Very romanticLikable characters (Connor was my fave)Here is where it lost me. The story had some major drama so it did not pull me in. *SPOILERS*To tell you a little bit about the story, it is about Sophia. She is telling her story. She is in college, she has a best friend (love her) and she has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend Kyle looks like the perfect guy on the outside but he has some demons. He is abusive. Sophia has been in college for 4 years and away from her 2 best friends (Adam and Connor). Her mom past away and she was destroyed so she pulled away from her friends and they lost touch. 4 years later they connect again in college. She realizes that she still had feelings for Adam but she was with Kyle. She breaks up with him after a big fight where he took things physically. She starts hanging out with Adam, they fall in love. Drama with Kyle follows. She gets hurt, twice. But it all works out in the end. She marries Adam and it's a HEA with a bonus. Not gonna tell you what, you need to read it to find out.

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DNF. The writing is too repetitive and the characters are acting way younger than they should be.

this was a beautifully written and real story. raw,scary, and wonderful. I loved it.

loved it... had some tears but ADAM was awesome

3.5 Stars!

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