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Taking Shots (2013)

Taking Shots (2013)

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Taking Shots is the mostly enjoyable story of Elli & Shea. Elli is a brilliant photographer and hockey fan, and she gets the opportunity to photograph her favorite hockey team. During that shoot, she gets on the radar of her favorite player, Shea. He proceeds to pursue her, and the begin a relationship after much running on her part. She's been highly emotionally abused by several ppl & it takes a lot for Shea to break through that - even tho she also has ppl who love her & whom she loves. Their story is highly emotional & well-written. I really enjoyed a lot of this story, but felt it was a little too drawn out. There are a lot of things going on, and some of those things felt... I'm not sure, but they annoyed me. For the most part, however, I enjoyed myself with the story, and Elli & Shea are a really great couple! : ) I'll be checking out the other books in the series, as I liked the writing, but I'm hopeful that they aren't quite as drawn out. : ) Ok so I am not a reviewer or anything but this series got to me so much, which I had to re listen to them. Yep its Audio book for me all the way esp for this series. I wanted to slap Elli's mother and sister so freaking badly! I don't think I have ever wanted to jump in to a book before! Like OMG they made me soooo mad, ok on to the dad. Now I know he "tried" to rein his wife and daughter in but really he could have done more I think. And her brothers it was like they were mutes... WTF.I loved the glass breaking total wake up loved that so much. AND the bitch slap totally worth it. Sigh I never wanted this book to end it was so good. But like all things it had to so yahooo next book here I come again...:)

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4+ Lite för långdragen för att vara en romance... Annars hade det varit en femma.

oh so so boring!!! I really really don't understand the high rating..

DNF. The progress was too slow.

Love all of her books

4.5 stars

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