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Empty Net (2013)

Empty Net (2013)

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About book Empty Net (2013)

Loved it! A solid 4.5 stars!! Let me start by saying I have not read the other books in this series and the author has written the characters so well you don't have to to enjoy this book. She weaves the secondary characters in seamlessly. Audrey was my reason for not giving this a full 5 star rating. I found her frustrating at times and just wanted to shake some sense into her. Finally she came to her senses and opened up and was honest with Tate about her past. I felt she harped on that too much ( I don't want to spoil anything ). She wanted happiness and real love, but fought it when it was at her reach. I adored Tate from the beginning. He ended up frustrating me to at one point, but his immediate passion for Audrey was amazing. He had his own demons to get past and knew Audrey was sent to him to do just that. I was able to look past that though because he was just so passionate about her. There was no one else for him. Together these two were awesome. Great passion, support for each other and a sincere love for one another that was palpable. There were parts of this story were I was in tears. It has suspense, passion and a romance to die for. In the end Audrey gets her "Prince Charming" and the life she longed for and I thoroughly enjoyed the not so fairy tale that got her there. I am hooked! Actual Rating: 3.8Pros:- Hot hot hot sexy times- Love the age gap and the author's take on it- Loved the Levi elementCons:- I was disappointed that the author didn't delve into the world of SWEDEN! I mean, if this guy has only been in America for a couple of months, I'm guessing that some of his thoughts would still be swedish, or at least some phrases would be in swedish. Listening to his thought process makes it seem like he's been completely american-ised. In the first book, it seemed like he was fresh off the boat. His thinking just didn't sound like him... - A common theme with Toni Aleo/this series: ALL FEMALE PROTAGONISTS ARE CRAZY JEALOUS OF EACH OTHER... - Audrey was all about "LOVE IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU WHY YOU SO STUPID" in the first book, and now she's all "NO I DON'T WANT TO BE WITH HIMMMM"... Maybe I've just read too many chicklit books... But what I've always loved about chicklit is the other elements they've brought to the table. I guess I was disappointed that Audrey's character had to change slightly, JUST SO that there could be drama/a plot for this book...

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A real tear jerker. Such an emotional journey for these characters. I loved it!

This woman knows how to break my heart.. but I cant stop reading.

I love this series! I can't stop reading them!

sigh... Loved Tate! He is a fabulous BB.

DNF as story started to drag

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