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Susurros De Seda (2012)

Susurros de seda (2012)

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Cisne - Random House Mondadori

About book Susurros De Seda (2012)

Bel romanzo in cui la fa da padrona la protagonista femminile per una volta tanto.... ironica, irriverente ed é una donna che sa quello che vuole e se lo prende.... la Chase ha il merito di collocarla fuori dal ton in cui sarebbe stata un personaggio poco credibile.... Lui da viziato libertino si evolve per diventare dolce e testardo, qualità che gli permette di averla vinta.... Anche Clara é un personaggio che mi é piaciuto molto e ha subito una bellissima evoluzione.... la Chase crea dei personaggi femminili che mi piacciono ed é raro per me apprezzarli ma qui sono loro a creare la storia! This took me much, much longer to read that most historical romances (which I generally breeze through in a couple of days). And it wasn't that it was bad or that I didn't like it! I just found Chase's writing in the beginning harder to get into - it wasn't until about 60% in that I felt like I was really invested. But there was so much good in this - I love that the heroine isn't your typical virginal noblewoman, and I love even more that their trade is in dressmaking because I have a lot of Feelings about fashion and storytelling. I also loved that Marcelline isn't forced to compromise her business or her dreams. The book even handled the initial love triangle between Clevedon, Marcelline, and Clara quite deftly, which is saying something since triangles are a device that can very easily pull me out of a story.

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Poignant story of two protagonists bent on seduction but falling in love despite everything

me enamore *w*

loved it

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