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Silk Is For Seduction (2011)

Silk Is for Seduction (2011)

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0061632686 (ISBN13: 9780061632686)

About book Silk Is For Seduction (2011)

Wow, I really, really enjoyed this.Marcelline and Clevedon were fabulous. I loved everything about them individually and together. Not only were they both interesting, complex characters, but they felt real and their chemistry between them was crackling. (I really liked that their conflict came from their depth of character, too, and not some circumstance of their pasts - as intricate as they were) And then there's the rest of the characters. I wish we'd learned a little more about the sisters, but the introduction of them and more to come was more than enough. I found myself cheering for and adoring Lady Clara. And then there's precocious Lucie/Errol, who I never knew what she'd be doing next and found myself hungry to find out. I cannot wait to see more of all of them. What a joy to read. I enjoyed the surprise this book offers, in comparison to the other historical romances. On top of that, I like that the main female lead is not helpless and silly. This book puts Loretta Chase on my list of go-to authors for historical romances.Also, though I mainly read these romances because of the sneak peek into life in the Regency and Victorian eras, this is great for knowing that bit more about their fashion styles (crazy layers)!

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Excellent beginning to a series about dressmaker sisters trying to snare wealthy husbands.

pretty good. it dragged a little at the beginning for me but then i really got into it

I liked it but it wasn`t anything special, the sisters were the best part.

Oh, it's good. Review under construction

between 3 and 4 stars.

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