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Sur Mesure (2000)

Sur mesure (2000)

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About book Sur Mesure (2000)

I read this book because the unusual storyline got me intrigued. An arranged marriage, how awkward that must be and how is it gonna work out. While the idea was interesting, the writing was just flat and boring. Conversations were dull and the main character Anne was even more dull. Her Yes. No. Maybe. attitude just annoys me.Didn't enjoy the first two parts of the book but the last part did pick up and was more emotional, so two stars. Arranged by Catherine McKenzie takes the idea of arranged marriage and puts into the North American perspective. Rather than our typical "18-year-old girl from the other side of the world is forced to marry the 18-year-old boy from the other side of the world" which is difficult to relate to, Catherine brings arranged marriage to our own backyard. Anne Shirley Blythe (yes, that is her name) is a 33-year-old successful career woman in modern day North America who hasn't been lucky in love. When she finds a card for Blythe and Associates matching services, she decides to give it a go. Through their arranged marriage process, she is introduced to Jack Harmer, who she marries within 24 hours of meeting.The way I feel about this book can be summarized from a beautiful quote- one of my favorites- from Pride & Prejudice: "I cannot fix on the hour, or on the spot, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew I had begun."Jane Austen wrote that line to describe how Mr. Darcy can't identify the moment he fell in love with Elizabeth Bennett; instead, he can only identify his feelings once they're full blown and he can deny them no longer. That is exactly how I felt about Arranged. I didn't realize I loved it and that it was a 5-star book until I tried to put it down and found that I couldn't. And that was after reading 250 pages in a single sitting. Everything from her friendship with Sarah, her relationship with her brother Gilbert, even the Anne of Green Gables references, made me fall in love with the characters and with the book. Part three was easily my favorite part, once the wedding was over and Jack and Anne were married and back to real life. I didn't see the plot twists coming and they took me by storm just as they did to the characters.I am a big fan of this book. And of this author. Oh, and of the fact that she's also a Montrealer, just as I am!

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Of her three books that I've read (Spin, Forgotten & this one, Arranged), this is my favorite.

What an interesting concept.

I have only one word: Yay!

I love this author!

Easy fun read!

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