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Summerland (2012)

Summerland (2012)

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About book Summerland (2012)

Far too much jumping around between too many story lines and no solid development of relationships within the story. A taste of this and a taste of that but no real feel for or personal connection anyone in the book. I feel like the story line itself was engaging. But I never really knew anyone character. The use of the "we" viewpoint of the narrator apparently speaking on behalf of the town I found annoying. Who was this "we" anyhow.The book kept my attention. But it did not engage me like many others of this genre. I really enjoyed the plot of this book, but couldn't get past all of the errors I found; things as small as punctuation and as big as getting the characters names mixed up (especially between the father/son duo or Jordan and Jake). This is a huge pet peeve of mine which resulted in the lower star ranking. I would suggest a better editor!! However, as I said the storyline was intriguing and kept me entertained throughout the book.

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Not terrible - it had the feeling of depth but it ended up being a YA novel trying to be an adult.

Try as I might, I couldn't connect with the characters or the author's storytelling technique.

Entertaining, easy read.

3.5 Good beach read


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