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Summer House With Swimming Pool (2014)

Summer House with Swimming Pool (2014)

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Kock hit it big last year with "The Dinner", which I liked better than this book. Marc is a doctor, a G.P. He is married to a beautiful woman, Caroline and has 2 daughters, ages 11 and 13. They spend part of the summer at the house of a famous actor, who Marc thinks makes advances towards his wife. Then his daughter is raped, and Marc decides to take his revenge on the actor. It will keep you reading! I don't think I've read a more pointless book this year. Basically, the plot is spelled out for the reader in the first chapter, then you're dragged through endless, tedious recollections of not one, but TWO summer vacations (possibly three, it's all mushing together in my memory as I rushed to get through the final chapters). Finally, the opening scenes are repeated, often word for word, but without the drastic shift in context usually associated with such a literary device. I really thought there would be an OMG moment or an Aha! moment. There just wasn't. Other reviewers seem to mostly disagree with the graphic scenes and general lack of likable characters. I, for one, wouldn't have minded that had there been a thrilling plot to sink my teeth into.

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A little too dark and depressing. About a disturbingly unethical doctor, and his sick mishaps.

Deliriously devious characters that are at once riveting and compelling. Interesting story.

Much better than his "The Dinner"

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