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Stranded With A Billionaire (2013)

Stranded with a Billionaire (2013)

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1101621230 (ISBN13: 9781101621233)
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About book Stranded With A Billionaire (2013)

Quick review...SPOILERS!!!SPOILERS!!!SPOILERS!!!SPOILERS!!!SPOILERS!!!AUTHOR TRIED TOO HARD SHELF:-the "desert island trashed by a hurricane" thing;-the "hole island evacuated within hours" thing;-their age compared to the amount of money;BETWEEN FRIENDS SHELF:-a secret society of BILLIONAIRE men; (hoo..a secret society..¬¬..pff,mans!)-all gorgeous (except the scar face one) and young (too young...I mean, 29? really?!)-ok for the fact that the ones that came from a rich family helped the others and all...-29 and BILLIONAIRE???!! it couldn´t have been millionaires witch their fortune together worth billions? (just saying...) DOMINANT/SUBMISSIVE SHELF:-totally ok by me...she liked;-was not bdsm, just the relationship;INSTA LOVE SHELF:-kind of fitted in the story;HEROINE THINKS 2 MUCH SHELF:-acceptable because her friend helped a lot with a simple talk (thumps up to Grechen!liked her^^)-and she did not even thought that much...when was the time to go, she went and when was the time to accept his lifestyle, she didn´t was such a pain in the ass, just wiggle a little (ok by me)STRONG HEROINE SHELF: -she was hard work, honest, loyal, good friend (a little too much even), cute, funny, grounded, talked was on her mind (witch was quite good BTW) and she stood for herself (when she dumped him because he tested her to see if she was a gold digger, she cut him off and walked out with her head held high, got a job and a place) GIRL POWER!GO GO GO GIRL POWER!other shelves fitted right into the plot very easily and the write was light...I´ll read the others for sure!ps1: if they were weekly in the same place to talk and play poker, why the hell they had to make the same sign to the doorman? o.O WTF!ps2: for a cold hearted bastard, he changed really fast (island therapy!)ps3: they skinny dipped AND THEN had sex (without condom) AND THEN went to sleep AND THEN he went down on her the morning after AND THEN she went down on him some moment after - am I the only one who noticed they did not mentioned shower at any point or a change of underwear? (gross moment) ****and what´s all about this books where the man always know more about the girl´s body than herself and the girls do an awesome deep throat right on the first time? oh, and the man always say that he doens´t care for the money but trow it on everybody face at first chance?I liked the book, but knowing that was not a "deep dialogues" or "good plot" or "panties wet" kind of´s more like a "ordinary events of life inside a crazy situation", it was light and easy. good for a sunday afternoon on a porch felling the breeze. For this purpose it was really good! A new series for me. I enjoyed the concept of a mens club who had yet to meet a woman special enough. The head of this club Logan Hawkins meets a waitress while stranded in an a elevator during a hurricane. Bronte" won a trip and now she gets stranded on the island by a hurricane. This very handsome man and her seem to be the only two left at the resort. What a way to meet. Logan must tell a few truths once the are rescued. I actually liked this story.

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A great introduction to the series. Looking forward to reading the next installment. x

2.5 stars. Meh. Kinda cheesy with a bit of dull and predictable rolled in.

Loved it! Can't wait to read about all of these bad boys :)

I loved it, it was sweet!

I really loved it!!!!!!

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