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Stone Rain (2007)

Stone Rain (2007)

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Stone Rain, the fourth novel by Linwood Barclay featuring anti-hero Zack Walker is another rollicking ride of a read. I enjoyed this one as much as the three previous installments. Stone Rain follows on pretty much straight away where the third book, Lone Wolf finishes. Zack Walker, a so-so sci-fi writer turned newspaper feature writer and all around paranoid, just continues to get into sticky situations. This time it is because of his friendship with a former neighbour that leads him down a dark and windy path full of biker gangs, police, public officials on the take, dodgy takeaway shop owners and of course his long suffering family. Like the previous book there is less emphasis on the humour and more on the action and the mystery. And, as always, with a large amount of 'how on earth is he going to get out of this one?' thrown in. This book introduces one of Linwood Barclay's writing techniques of showing mysterious flashbacks, apparently not linked to the central character, that provide a lot of background to the present, first person narrative. I think it is not as well done as in his more recent novels as I seemed to be able to pick the connections, and therefore surprise twists, fairly early on. Or maybe I am just more attuned to Barclay's style now. Nonetheless it was good to see how the author has developed this over time. I am a big fan of Linwood Barclay and am glad that I had a chance to read these Zack Walker books. I would recommend them no problems.

I’ve read most of Linwood Barclay’s latest offerings, No Time For Goodbye, Fear The Worst, Never Look Away with The Accident still waiting on the TBR pile.This book is one of his earlier titles, the fourth in a series featuring Zack Walker, a newspaper reporter cum sci-fi novelist. Barclay’s Walker booked have been blurbed as Hiaasen-esque in style, but having read most of Hiaasen’s books I’m not too sure I would agree. There were a few chuckles, and possibly one laugh out loud moment, but he never brought a tear to my eye, unlike Carl on occasions.Walker apparently has the unfortunate knack of inadvertently landing himself in trouble, more by accident than design. On this occasion, his well intentioned efforts to assist an old friend, neighbour and sex-worker put both him and his family in peril, as well as his job and more importantly his marriage. Murder, biker gangs, stun guns, S&M torture dens, as well as some dodgy fried food all feature prominently in the book. Whilst Walker is likeable and always strives to do the right thing, I’m probably not too bothered if I don’t read about his earlier exploits, which are obliquely referenced fairly often, anytime soon.There are plans I believe to re-issue this and the earlier Walker books in the UK, during 2013, so as my wife is a Barclay fan I guess I will be catching up whether I really want to or not. 3 out of 5.

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Linwood Barclay is one of my favorite authors. He writes first rate standalone suspense thrillers now, but I really liked his Zack Walker series, because I like stories concerning an everyman who gets caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Zack is a very likeable character, and it's interesting how he always seems to get in terrible trouble, put his marriage in jeopardy, yet manages to set things right again in the end. I've read the last two books in the Walker series,and now it's time to read the first two.
—Tom Kinney

Everyone should have a certain few authors that really get them excited about reading their books. Barclay is one of those authors for this reader. I am kind of bummed to see that this book, #4 in the Zack Walker series, was published in 2007. Since nothing new has come forth on the series this may actually be the end of it unless Barclay decides to write another in the future. This series has been very good and all of the books, this one included, were very good. Zack's old neighbor, Trixie, is in trouble and with a corpse in her basement things will really get rolling. Along with a health inspection scandal at the cities restaurants Zack finds a plenty large enough cow pie to stick his foot into. Great stuff with plenty of action, humor and intrigue to satisfy this reader.

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