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Alltför Nära (2008)

Alltför nära (2008)

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Kabusa Böcker

About book Alltför Nära (2008)

I'd give this book 2.5 stars if possible. My fourth or fifth Linwood Barclay book to read, and I enjoyed it a little less than others. I agree with a previous poster who compared it to a TV gripe I have with Barclay's writing is that, especially in his earlier books, it is very obvious what the "twists" will be...I had most of this one figured out halfway through and became bored, but my OCD nature forced me to finish. Barclay is not a terrible writer; this is a quick, pretty entertaining read, but some more depth to his books is needed for then to be "great." I can't deny this book kept my attention for the most part, but i have to say once it was clear who dun it (which was pretty obvious toward the last quarter of the book) I lost interest. I skim read the last three chapters as I couldn't be bothered to find out in great detail to find out what happened to the rather clichéd characters. Some of the plot was a bit over the top/ unbelievable, but then there was the contrast of far too much over description of Jim Cutters lawn mowing experiences! Overall ok for a quick easy read

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Several plots going at one time but the twist at the end brings them together.

Yeah yeah yeah!!! Outstanding book! So much fun and so unputdownable!!!

Pretty nice, actually. Enjoys it a lot ;D

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