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Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid (2007)

Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid (2007)

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About book Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid (2007)

This book is alright for the young reader. It's about a boy named James Moody. His nickname is Stink. His challenge in this book is that he feels that he is short, and getting shorter. He has an older sister who loves nothing more than to tease him about everything. Her name is Judy.Throughout the book Stink makes unfair comparisons of himself versus others. Until someone points out that his favorite President, James Madison, was also short, like him. What I liked about this book is that in trying to deal with his perception of being short, Stink has other mini side dilemmas. Like when his sister accidently flushed the Class newt down the garbage disposal. And this is a good thing for the young reader because it helps them stray a little from the story line to make them wonder how the author will get them back on topic.What I didn't like about this book is that I felt the author really didn't get the reader back on topic of dealing with Stink's height perception. One of the tangents that the author got on is Stink's favorite President, James Madison, and how their state doesn't have a state song, and how Stink wanted James Madison on the State Quarter. But I felt the author didn't really get back on topic to let the reader know that being short is OK. And that for a child that it is temporary.I would recommend this book to the young reader as this was a fun book to read. The interaction between brother and sister were pretty good. And it had some pretty interesting little factoids of Virginia that I didn't know about.I gave the book 3 out of 5 stars.

Recommended for grades 2nd-4thStink is not about the stinky kid in school, but rather a boy who is very short. His sister, Judy, is very aware of his anxiety and plays a cruel prank on him. Stink, has her measure him every morning to see if he has grown. Instead of telling him the truth, she tells Stink that he has shrunk ¼ of an inch. Stink tries many things to look taller, including wearing stripe and gelling his hair way up. Stink soon comes to realize that Judy was playing a prank on him. He then comes to the understanding that he is not the only short person in the world, and he finds out that President James Madison was also short. There are also some pictures in this First Chapter Book, which are drawn in a comic strip fashion. The text in “Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid”, is written in a very large font and can be easily read. This book not only is not only imaginative and funny, but it also gives the reader the message that there are all shapes sizes and colors of people in the world. The underlying message is understanding and tolerance of those who may be different than you. Subject:I think that this would be a good book to use in a Social Studies class. The students could use it as a stepping stone to discuss differences and understanding of the differences of people. Tolerance and understanding is a very important life lesson.

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Easy reader, fiction; Grades K-3; Reading level 2.9 Lexile 480Awards: NoneDescription: Shrink has his sister, Judy Moody, measure him every morning. One night he finds he shrunk a quarter of an inch and thinks he is shrinking! Throughout the book Stink draws comics emulating real life experiences but with a super hero twist. Will he ever grow taller?Characteristics:1. It is important for an easy reader to make an emotional connection, and in this story many young readers will relate to his relationship with his sister, and his personal turmoil of not being as tall as other kids quite yet. 2. Easy readers should also be told from the child's point of view, which in Stink we not only read about his experiences from his point of view, but get a glimpse into his imagination through the comics he draws. Audience: This is a great book for emerging readers. The language is simple and is peppered with illustrations and graphics to gently easy the young reader into more serious literature with content most can relate to. I've never read this before, but I think it would be a good book for boys and girls alike. Reviews:Amazon
—Jen W

There are so many great, comical series centered around girl protagonists: , , and my personal favorite, . It's great to finally have one for boys - My six-year old LOVES Stink- we've read them all and now he wants to read all the Judy Moody's. Stink appeals across the ages as well - I have students all the way up through seventh grade who enjoy these books.

James Moody, aka, Stink, brother to Judy, takes the reader through some hilarious happenings. His shenanigans run the gamut from elation to gruesome. Stink moans and laments that he is not getting any taller and fears he will be stuck at 3 feet eight inches for the rest of his life. But, when his teacher, Mrs. Dempster allows him to take the class pet home for the weekend, he stands just a little bit taller with pride. Then, catastophe strikes involving a garbage disposal...yikes! not a pretty sight. So, to lift his spirits, Stink decides to write an essay about his favorite president (also the shortest president) James Madison. He writes a letter to the governor. He campaigns for James Madison to have a 'president's day' , to be recognized on a state quarter, or at the very least have a song written about him. In the end, his family rallies around him (even his sometimes mean sister, Judy) to lift him up (no pun intended) and sing his praises.

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