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Judy Moody Saves The World! (2004)

Judy Moody Saves The World! (2004)

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0763620874 (ISBN13: 9780763620875)
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About book Judy Moody Saves The World! (2004)

Judy Moody is a third grader that wants to enter to win the band aid contest. The only thing that is stopping her is that she cannot come up with a brilliant idea that would have her stand out. One day when she was in class, her teacher was talking about the rainforest. Judy decided that she needed to do something to help save the rainforest. She goes around to everyone in her family and tells them that they needed to stop chewing gum, drinking coffee, and using lip stick because all of those things and products come from the rainforest and she was determined to save it! I gave this five stars because it was an easy read and I don't think I put the put down until I was done reading the last page in the book. Every word was captivating and it made me want to read more. Granted it was only a book for an elementary student to read, but hey if we are going to teach them don't we need to act like them sometimes to get to their mentality so that way it is easier to teach them. I can apply this to the classroom in so many different ways, but the one that I would really like to do with this book is that when I get done reading this book out loud to the students (depending on the age) I would have them write in their journals about how they can make our planet a little bit more green and clean. How do you think you can save the rainforest or world? I think that would make them starting thinking creatively and also make them aware the the real problem out there in the world. The Lexile for this book is 500L and the guided reading is M. I would start to expect students in the 3rd grade to start reading this book by themselves, but definitely by the time they are in the 4th grade. I do believe that any age can enjoy reading this book though.

Judy Moody Saves the World by Megan McDonald is just one book in the Judy Moody series. Judy Moody Saves the World begins as Judy wanting to win a contest called the Crazy Strip contest. She wants to see her design on the band aids that wrap every kid's knees. When her design only gets an honorable mention she begins to rethink her Heal the World motif and wants to set a bigger goal. Her class is studying the environment and Judy is amazed to learn about the rainforests and how they are being destroyed. She begins to think about all the endangered species, that are not in her backyard, and how awful her families' recycling habits are. Judy is now out to "whip the planet into shape".I really liked this book. Even though it is a chapter book there are a few illustrations throughout. The illustrations, although in black and white, enhance the story and really allow the reader to get a good image of what they characters look like at a particular moment.I think that kids would really enjoy this, especially transitional readers because it gives the reader the satisfaction of reading a chapter book but it still has illustrations throughout to enhance the story just as a picture book does.

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Judy Moody gets better and better. With each book I read, I am more impressed with the storytelling abilities of Megan McDonald and Peter H Reynolds. Their ability to capture family life, with all its quirks, is amazing. They also do an incredible job of capturing friendships and a child's enthusiasm for something that grabs their attention. And in this book, that is protecting the environment. It all starts in science class and the section on the environment. ...Read the rest of the review and with links to other reviews of books by the authors on my blog Book Reviews and More.
—Steven R. McEvoy

Ngiri liat momo ngikik di kamar Kak Roos dan kemudian baca review yang ini..Apalagi pas Bang Jimmy bilang di sini kalo harganya cuma lima ribu.. wekz, cuma lima ribu???Jadi sedikit tergoda waktu Muthe ngajak ngubek2 di Gramed Matraman.Apalagi diiming-imingi bakso Erie SF yang tersohor, salah.. Bakso Erik, dink maksudnya.. (tuh satu kali ya, Aki Nan Keren Tiada, udah dua tuh..ihihihihi)..Akhirnya, walaupun udah dibantuin Harun dan sambil nunggu Ayudha, cuma dapet yang ini, padahal serialnya ada banyak..Batal lagi deh puasa beli buku nya!!!*namun tetap bertekad nyari sisa nya di TM Point Square*Beni mau nitip?hehehehehe...Besok paginya, sempet kesandung-sandung gara2 terlalu fokus baca mood nya Judykalau semua anak dan orang-orang dewasa punya semangat seperti Judy, apa jadinya ya?Judy terlalu bersemangat dan ngotot untuk menyelamatkan duniakepalanya terlalu bising dengan ide-ide, dari mulai bikin gambar untuk crazy strips (h****plast kali kalo di Indo yaa?) menguras isi kulkas, sampe membebaskan Toady yang membuat Stink adiknya ngambek tiada tara..Seisi rumah, sekolah bahkan senegara bagian Virginia terlalu sempit untuk otak encer dan semangat 45 yang dimiliki JudySuatu saat Judy kesambet ide cemerlangTapi apa Judy benar2 berhasil menyelamatkan dunia?hix..harusnya bisa ngakak di keseluruhan buku ini, tapi malah berkaca-kaca waktu ayah Judy muncul bawa kamera..hixKang Erie...tanggung jawabbbbhhhh!!!!(ehehehehehe, udah 3x!!! yipppieeeee, ketiban jadi tambah kereeeeen)

‭Judy Moody Saves The World, Megan McDonaldعنوان: جودی دنیا را نجات میدهد؛ نویسنده: مگان مک دونالد؛ تصویرگر: پیتر اچ. رینولدز؛ مترجم: محبوبه نجف‌ خانی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، نشر افق، چاپ نخست 1385، در 96 ص، مصور، از سری: جلد 3 از 12 جلد جودی دمدمی؛ گروه سنی: ج، شابک: 9789643693510؛ موضوع: کتابهای کودکان، داستانهای تخیلی، ماجرایی، داستان خواهران و برادران
—Ahmad Sharabiani

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