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Judy Moody, M.D.: The Doctor Is In! (2006)

Judy Moody, M.D.: The Doctor is In! (2006)

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About book Judy Moody, M.D.: The Doctor Is In! (2006)

The last book that I have in the Judy Moody series. :( It's sad. Makes me wish I collected all of them when I was younger. I wouldn't even DARE buying them now. Priced at P500? Dear Lord. Everything was better when I didn't know the price of money. Makes me feel grateful that I had parents who were well-off enough to provide me with things like these. Thanks, dad. Thanks, mom.I think this was my least favorite book from the three books that I own. It didn't really capture me. I couldn't even remember what this book was about, for Pete's sake. I thought this was the book with the Hedda-Get-Betta doll, but it wasn't. I also thought this was the book with the fake arm, but it wasn't. Oops. I guess I just didn't remember anything. I did like the activities that the class were going to do. It was also nice seeing a class where everyone's so comfortable with each other. It makes me wish I went to that school.I don't really remember anything in particular.. The ending, with Judy's friends and her doctor signature was nice and kind of (a bit) heartwarming, though. It showed that Judy's friends really cared about her. I would have liked seeing a bit more of the relationship between Judy and her family, though. It was also nice seeing someone as young as Judy really try her best to achieve her long-term goals. Gives me hope and motivates me, in a way.

This is about the tenth book in either Judy Moody or Stink Moody series that I have read. And boy was it fun! I actually read this while home sick myself, and my wife and children were sick also. This book made some of the stuff we were going through easier to take. The book focuses around Judy and her continued desire to be a Doctor when she grows up. Her class has a trip to the Emergency room to visit the Hospital with the other third grade class. But soon after that trip, Stink ends up sick and gets to stay home from school. Judy wants to help doctor him back to health but ends up catching the mumps herself.The chapters are:M.D. = A Moody DayM.D. = MeDullas and ManDiblesM.D. = Mystery DectectiveM.D. = A Million DollarsM.D. = Mucus DermisM.D. = Mr. DryBonesM.D. = Majorly Delicious!M.D. = Medical DoctorM.D. = Medical DisasterM.D. = Mumpty DumptyM.D. = Most DefinitelyRead the rest of the review and with links to other reviews by the authors on my blog Book Reviews and More.

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My kids LOVE Judy Moody & her younger brother Stink! These are great books to read out loud to your early elementary (4K-2nd grade) kids -- and the older elementary kids will love to read these to themselves. A friend who teaches 5th grade recommended these books for my kids, and she was right-on in her recommendation. Even last year at age 3, Hayden couldn't wait until after bath time to read another chapter -- and she could always answer questions from the previous night's chapter, so I know she was comprehending it, as well! Jackson was excited to hear that there are a few new Judy Moody books out that we haven't read yet!

Judy Moody is SO my daughter. I get to enjoy her charming self but I also am on the receiving end of a lot of her "ROAR!"s. And so the life of 8 year old Moody Judy continues. This time her friends played a trick on HER!!! I mean, it's ok for Judy to tease her friends but heaven forbid she ever be teased back. THAT is my daughter, as well. I loved the reconciliation at the end . . . ps the one thing I don't like about these books is how she talks about Jessica Finch. Ok, Judy, I get it. So the girl's a know-it-all and it bugs you. But since I'm reading it out loud I usually skip over all the mean names she calls Jessica in her head. Girls have enough social agression in their life without me feeding it to Ellie a a pattern for her to follow.

This is the fifth book in the Judy Moody series by Megan McDonald. We've read several of the books in this series and have really enjoyed them. Judy is very spontaneous, creative and expressive and our girls love how funny she can be. I love that she's a strong, independent and spunky female character. This story focuses on Judy's fixation on becoming a doctor and illnesses within the family. Judy and her classmates have interesting ways to present their science projects and the narrative helped me start a conversation with our girls about genes, DNA and the science of cloning. Overall, it was an entertaining story and a quick read. We enjoyed reading this book together and look forward to borrowing more of the books in this series from our local library.

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