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Spells (2010)

Spells (2010)

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About book Spells (2010)

As far as sequels go, “Spells” was pretty good. It was interesting getting to know more about the faerie world, as I love being swept away into different worlds whenever I’m reading. Aprilynne continues her nice spin on faeries, having them as flowers (due to the myths of them growing out of flowers and because their “wings” look like that) and how they are sort of the “guardians” of human life.While Laurel wouldn’t be considered one of my favorite characters, I liked her well enough. Most protagonists aren’t among my favorite characters, due to them being the “straight man” most of the time, but I still like them (as I do with Laurel). Chelsea’s always been a fun character for me, with her bluntness and cheerfulness. David is really nice but a little too perfect, and annoying at times with his infatuation with Laurel. Although I did pair Laurel with David before, I’m starting to enjoy Tamani’s charismatic-yet-deeper character, and wish that Laurel wouldn’t have been so torn between the two because I’m rooting for Tamani. The biggest problem I had with the series was the fact that it was more of a fantastical adventure one moment but goes to being more action-oriented the next. Most of the book focuses on the mystical realm of Avalon and the human world, but the moments where the trolls are thrown in feel a bit off from the tone of the series. It’s like it got violent all of a sudden, and, well, just felt out of place. Part of the reason could be because the trolls weren’t as interesting of villains as I would have liked, though. Overall, I wouldn’t say that “Spells” was as good as “Wings”, though it was pretty good and is only a level below it. While it’s not a huge improvement on the series, it was a satisfying enough that it had me interested enough in reading the last book in the series. For those interested in the sequel to “Wings”, “Spells” does not disappoint. The story wasn't bad but it didn't really blew me away. It's very well written but the story and the characters aren't deep enough for me. The book is a little slow and not emotional enough. But I will continue to read the series because I want to know how the love triangle will end up. I really hope she will choose Tamani. I'm cheering for him. He's the best character from the story because he has something mysterious about himself. I would like to know more about him. I hope he will play a big role in the following books. I don't know why but I don't like David. He's to good and he accepted the fact that Laurel is a fearie to easily for my opinion. This book is better than the previous one because we get to know a lot more about the characters and Avalon. There's a lot more going on than in the first one. I'm hoping the next one will grab me more.

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Like "Wings", "Spells" was a jewel. Couldn't put it down. Truly breathtaking.


Ok, I find the whole love triangle thing annoying.

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