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Smaragdgrün (2010)

Smaragdgrün (2010)

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4 STARS the book was absolutely captivating, and terrific. all the time travel and lesson about history and those fun characters that I became to love... So many feels! but I must say I got lost and confused through the story that I started drawing schemes and names and date every few chapters. even though avery thing was in the last page (but it wasn't technical for ebooks) but it so much fun!!I Recommend this serie, it's va must read for mystery lovers. note: would've give this book 5 stars if it wasn't for all the unfinished business.this serie needed a 4th book, because obviously green emerald left a lot of gaps for example: [spoilers]• how come gwen see ghosts (that seemed all neglected! )• how come Mr.good guy became immortal if he didn't sacrifice the raven (the ruby)• and what's up with the witch stuff *???*• she can see demons and feel them when they touched her but never asked why??! • and what about the other characters ( grace/ Mr.forgotthename de villiers. Lesley/Raphael . Charlotte. .....) the sory was focusing so much on gwen/Gideon thatbit negleted the others. .. I'm so confused and a bit melancholic... I already miss them :/ BUT to conclude this review I must say that the author had done a great job and must thank her for this wonderful trilogy. I ENJOYED it very much!! This took a really nice turn for me. The first "big" reveal, that the count wanted to be immortal made me disappointed that that was all there was to it. But THEN Gwyneth being immortal, Mr Whitman being the count, Lucy and Paul being Gwyneth's parents ... I was impressed. And the way Gier tied in the events in the past books that we don't get an explanation for, but are uncovered in this book was fantastic (I was laughing for a year when Gideon hit his past selfs head but had blamed it on Gwen the whole time lol) Great conclusion!

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Al fin el esperado baile... espero que aquí se desate la acción :)

Lexile 810LIL: UG - BL: 5.6 - AR Pts: 17.0

great ending to a great series!

so sad the series is over :(

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