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Sky Is Everywhere, The (2010)

Sky is Everywhere, The (2010)

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About book Sky Is Everywhere, The (2010)

Another book club read. I liked this book for its Northern California setting, and for its characters, which could be appealingly quirky (although sometimes unbelievably quirky, as I feel is the case with so many YA books I read nowadays). It took me a few chapters to get into the rhythm of Lennie's tone of voice, but that probably isn't a problem with the writing and more just the fact that I am now getting pretty far removed from my own YA days and am not up on the slang. The book paints a vivid, believable portrait of grief and the various ways Bailey's friends and relatives cope with her sudden death. I found the young male lead character unbelievably perfect but, then again, I always do in these types of books. Overall this didn't make a huge impression on me--I am writing this review several weeks after finishing the book and already I'm having a hard time recalling details--but I liked it and would try another book by this author. I think I would have liked this more if I hadn't read "I'll Give You The Sun" first. I really liked it, but not in that don't-want-it-to-end kind of way that I felt during "I'll Give You The Sun." I will say one thing: Jandy Nelson really knows how to describe emotion so vividly that you swear you're feeling it yourself. I can't remember reading about falling in love for the first time and totally connecting with the words. Also, I feel more grateful for the life of my sister after reading this. I appreciated how real Nelson made Lennie's guilt over feeling happy so soon after Bailey's death. I've definitely been there. I need more books by this woman RIGHT NOW.

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I enjoyed this so much less than I'll Give You the Sun" so it was a bit disappointing.

This story is Everything... It's love!



i love it.

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